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Resources for US Small Business Owners

Resources for US small-business owners

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on many small businesses. It can be confusing and overwhelming for small-business owners to navigate the high volume of information available to help them respond to the crisis. This site offers a collection of publicly available resources in the United States to address some of the most urgent questions on the minds of small businesses, including how to find financial support, manage expenses, support employees, and secure pro bono help with nonfinancial issues.
Please explore the links below to access small-business resources from national, local, and industry-focused organizations, and check this site regularly for updated information and additional coverage.

What do you need help with?

Financial support

Loans, grants, donations, and other relief funding

Managing expenses

How to reduce or defer costs such as taxes, rent or mortgage, utilities, and insurance

Supporting employees

Unemployment relief, health coverage, and other resources to support employees

Additional support

Expert services at little or no cost and local, industry, and community support

Do you offer support to small businesses?

Share your feedback and stay connected to the COVID Response Center

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