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Leadership resources for the COVID-19 crisis

Checklists, articles, and webinar recordings to help executives and managers in key organizational functions navigate the coronavirus crisis and the recovery period

Resources for human-resources leaders

COVID-19 response checklists for CHROs

Three lists of practical ideas for how CHROs can keep employees safe while maintaining productivity and looking for a path to recovery.

A free, easy way for employees’ voices to be heard so their immediate needs are quickly addressed.

A blueprint for remote working: Lessons from China

– As home to some of the world’s largest firms, China offers lessons for those that are just now starting to embrace the shift to remote working.

Adapting workplace learning in the time of coronavirus

– Managers can’t push the pause button on capability building, so the moment belongs to virtual learning. Some tactics and strategies can help.

Resources for marketing and sales leaders

COVID-19 response checklist for B2B marketing leaders

Key actions to help B2B marketing leaders navigate through the first two of five stages in the crisis-response cycle, Resolve and Resilience.

COVID-19 response checklist for B2C marketing leaders

Critical steps through the first two of five stages in the crisis-response cycle, Resolve and Resilience, to help guide B2C marketing leaders.

Consumer sentiment evolves as the next “normal” approaches

– While countries around the world begin to reopen and pockets of spending return, consumers continue to feel the financial impact of the crisis.

Survey: Global B2B decision-maker response to COVID-19 crisis

– B2B decision makers are responding quickly, though actions and customer preferences vary by country.

Resources for operations and supply chain leaders

COVID-19 response checklist for supply-chain leaders

Practical solutions to guide supply-chain leaders through all five stages of the crisis-response cycle

Managing the operational and supply-chain impact of the coronavirus

McKinsey experts discuss immediate actions that companies can take to keep their supply chains running, along with moves to design and build resilient supply chains for the future.

Is your supply chain risk blind—or risk resilient?

– Operational risk to supply chains has been growing over the last several years—compounded by the ongoing impact from COVID-19. Organizations need a new approach to manage risk and build resiliency.

Supply-chain recovery in coronavirus times—plan for now and the future

– Actions taken now to mitigate impacts on supply chains from coronavirus can also build resilience against future shocks.

COVID-19 response checklist for contact centers 

Ideas for leaders on adapting contact-center operations during the first three crisis-response stages

Supporting service operations amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Service-operations specialists from McKinsey discuss how businesses can ensure employees’ productivity and safety, meet customers’ needs, maintain business continuity, and promote accountability amid the outbreak.

Coronavirus’ impact on service organizations: Weathering the storm

– With thoughtful, judicious moves, businesses can manage coronavirus’ impact on the service sector and keep service personnel supported and effective—even during a crisis.

Customer-care organizations: Moving from crisis management to recovery

– The COVID-19 pandemic calls for a focus on six imperatives to rapidly adapt to this new environment.

Resources for IT leaders

COVID-19 response checklist for CIOs and IT leaders

Immediate actions that can help CIOs stabilize core business operations and technology and prepare for recovery.

After the first wave: How CIOs can weather the coronavirus crisis

– Chief information officers must act swiftly to manage IT through the pandemic in a pragmatic way.

How CIOs can work with outsourcing providers to navigate the coronavirus crisis

– From employee safety to work-at-home data security, business continuity, and financial resilience, companies need to follow a clear plan for working collaboratively with their outsourcing providers.

Resources for finance leaders

COVID-19 response checklist for CFOs

Checklist of actions that CFOs can take to lead through all five phases of the crisis-response cycle.

Rev up your growth engine: Lessons from through-cycle outperformers

– Your decisions now will determine how strongly you come out of the COVID-19 crisis—and how well you perform in the next normal.

Cash preservation in response to COVID-19

– How to establish a cash culture that balances urgent short-term needs with longer-term competitive considerations

The CFO’s role in helping companies navigate the coronavirus crisis

– Strong, steady leadership from the finance organization is critical for addressing immediate concerns about safety and survival, stabilizing the business in the near term, and positioning it for recovery.

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