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COVID-19 Public Sector Analytics

COVID-19 Public Sector Analytics provides state public sector leaders and staff in the United States with a digital platform to support decision making through data aggregation, visualization, and analytical insights as they respond to the unique health and economic challenges posed by COVID-19.

A 30-day demonstration of the tool is available for US state public sector leaders and staff responsible for helping to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Please contact us to request access

Example dashboards


Aggregate key metrics to monitor disease progression across the country, including cases, prevalence, testing, hospitalization, deaths, Rt, and an epidemiological composite value.

Foundational Domains

Surface public policy measures from across the US and aggregate them into a composite “public policy status indicator” to enable insight into overall intensity of measures. Mobility data from across the country is also included to help users consider potential compliance.

Cross Domain Analytics

Compare metrics over time and across geographies to surface insights using data that are otherwise siloed and distributed.

How COVID-19 Public Sector Analytics can support public sector leaders

US state and local governments are facing an unprecedented and rapidly evolving situation. Public sector officials and employees are displaying heroic leadership in the face of the crisis.

The current environment demands governments make rapid decisions on a daily basis. Taking a fact-based approach to decision making requires a plethora of data from a broad range of topics: epidemiology, public policy measures and compliance, economic health, health system capacity, vulnerable populations to name just a few. This information often is surfaced as a flood of data with varying frameworks and structures, which creates significant work and complexity to piece them together to uncover valuable insights.

COVID-19 Public Sector Analytics provides aggregated data from over 20 data sources across these domains that can be used to help understand the status and impact of COVID-19 across the US. The dashboard also provides users with an intuitive interface to visualize and derive analytical insights from the data in a single view.

Key Features

COVID-19 Public Sector Analytics enables decision making

Data aggregation

Surface metrics from over 20 data sources across a broad range of domains to better understand the status and impact of COVID-19 across the US

Track key measures impacting lives and livelihoods: mortality, at-risk populations, public policy measures, rates of recovery, and more

Stay current as additional data, analytics, and features are onboarded as the pandemic evolves


View data over time and across geographies

Overviews and deep dives facilitate understanding of the broad range of drivers of the pandemic, and their effects on lives and livelihoods

Comparisons across domains and geographies surface unique insights, overlaying data that would otherwise be siloed

Highly configurable and designed to accept state-specific data

Analytical insights

Vaccine scenario planning

  • Help inform vaccine rollout through population segmentation, provider mapping and county characteristics

Epidemiological composite value

  • Understand the state of the pandemic using a quantified, aggregated, longitudinal view

Public policy status indicator

  • Visualize public policy measure intensity across all 50 states

Contact the COVID-19 Public Sector Analytics team

We hope you will find the COVID-19 Public Sector Analytics tool a valuable resource. Please contact us and a member of our team will reach out to provide access.