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Executive Briefing

COVID-19: Implications for business

– Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare for the next normal.

How Americans feel about COVID-19 vaccinations

Over half the respondents in the United States report an interest in taking a COVID-19 vaccine though safety and efficacy concerns remain drivers for vaccine hesitancy.

The future of business: 2021 and beyond

– As companies continue to navigate the health-related and economic difficulties of the COVID-19 crisis, leaders worldwide can expect eight key forces to shape business in the future.

Returning to the Workplace

Reopening workplaces amid COVID-19: A collection of safety measures

A summary of methods that organizations are using to protect customers and employees from the coronavirus outbreak.

Hybrid-work capability assessment

This assessment will help an organization track its ability to support a combination of remote and on-site teams across ten functional areas, from tech hardware to leadership and culture.

Community movement during the pandemic

Shelter-in-place orders have a significant influence on where people spend their time.

COVID-19 case tracker

Epidemiological data on the pandemic, with global, country, and local views.

Employment impact of COVID-19 across industries and occupations

Up to 57 million jobs are vulnerable, but demand has increased for some job categories.

Airflow considerations for businesses during the time of COVID-19

See what changes to heating, ventilation, and airflow systems could help limit viral spread in offices, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities.


COVID-19 response checklists for CHROs

Three lists of practical ideas for how CHROs can keep employees safe while maintaining productivity and looking for a path to recovery.

Talent Exchange

Eightfold AI, in partnership with FMI and supported by McKinsey & Company, has built an AI platform to match people to the right jobs in companies that are hiring. Employers can sign up now for Talent Exchange. Individuals can refer their organizations as well.

Transitioning to a postpandemic workforce

– How has COVID-19 affected the future of work? Which job categories will increase, which will decline, and how can businesses and communities successfully adapt to the next normal?

Tools for operations and supply chain leaders

Response tool

Rethinking the consumer goods supply chain in response to COVID-19

A resource for consumer goods leaders to help address the four archetypes of demand change seen during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 response checklist for supply-chain leaders

Practical solutions to guide supply-chain leaders through all five stages of the crisis-response cycle.

COVID-19 response checklist for contact centers 

Ideas for leaders on adapting contact-center operations during the first three crisis-response stages.


COVID-19 response checklist for CIOs and IT leaders

Immediate actions that can help CIOs stabilize core business operations and technology and prepare for recovery.

AI at scale: Propelling your organization into the next normal

– A small proportion of companies use AI to capture the value they are getting from data analytics at scale. What are they doing right?

Executive’s guide to developing AI at scale

– Developing artificial intelligence and analytics applications typically involves different processes, technology, and talent than those for traditional software solutions. Executives who possess a solid understanding of the basics can ensure they’re making the right investments in their tech stacks and teams to build reliable solutions at scale. We’ve created an interactive guide to help.

Tools for finance leaders

COVID-19 response checklist for CFOs

Checklist of actions that CFOs can take to lead through all five phases of the crisis-response cycle.

The Tapestry of Financial Attitudes

Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on financial well-being across 11 countries. 

Finding tomorrow’s ‘resilients’: Propelling companies into the next wave of growth

– Leaders can learn from the last global recession and plan for several economic outcomes, including, as McKinsey senior partners Cindy Levy and Bob Sternfels suggest, taking thoughtful actions to balance growth, margins, and optionality.

Tools for marketing and sales leaders

COVID-19 Return checklist for B2B marketing leaders

Practical moves for B2B marketing leaders as they initiate the third phase, Return, in the crisis-response cycle.

COVID-19 response checklist for B2B marketing leaders

Key actions to help B2B marketing leaders navigate through the first two of five stages in the crisis-response cycle, Resolve and Resilience.

COVID-19 response checklist for B2C marketing leaders

Critical steps through the first two of five stages in the crisis-response cycle, Resolve and Resilience, to help guide B2C marketing leaders.

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For governments

Resources to help government officials navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

For small businesses

Programs supporting small-business owners during the COVID-19 crisis, plus guidelines on reopening.

For healthcare providers

Information on sourcing critical goods and materials for responding to COVID-19.

COVID-19 response tool hub

Resources to help government, business, and healthcare leaders navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

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