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Tracking the impact of COVID-19

Interactive data displays to inform decisions on protecting lives and livelihoods amid the COVID-19 crisis

Vulnerable populations dashboard

– McKinsey’s open-access dashboard looks at individuals with physical or behavioral health vulnerability and their risk for developing COVID-19.

Vulnerable US jobs by demographic group amid COVID-19

A look at how vulnerable US jobs are distributed across income levels, races, age groups, education levels, and men and women.

Vulnerable US jobs across industries and occupations amid COVID-19

Our analysis of the vulnerability of US jobs by sector and in more than 800 occupation groups.

The global spread of COVID-19

Epidemiological data illustrating the coronavirus pandemic’s tragic effects on human health and lives.

Consumers’ economic sentiments during the coronavirus pandemic

Survey data tracking consumer confidence in the economic prospects of more than 10 countries.

Vulnerable US jobs by geography amid COVID-19

How the initial shutdown phase could affect US workers in states and metro areas

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