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Monitor North American unconventionals activity from space

Monitoring the Permian Basin with satellites enables an unprecedented, near-real-time view of drilling, fracking, and production activity of North American shale oil and gas

North American unconventional oil is contributing a substantial amount to global oil supply, with production expected to exceed 11 million barrels per day by 2025. Already today, shale is a key swing factor, as fracking can quickly transform already drilled but uncompleted wells (DUCs) into producing wells. Until now, data on DUCs, fracking, or production, for example, has been available often with a time lag of several months.

By combining advanced analytics and deep domain expertise with high-resolution satellite images, we are able to reveal unconventionals activity in the Permian Basin in near-real-time. Following a well throughout its life cycle—from new well pad construction to the drilling, DUC, and fracking stages—brings unprecedented transparency to production outlooks.

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The well lifecycle, by satellite:

Stage 1: Pad clearing

Stage 2: Drilling

Stage 3: Fracking

Stage 4: Production (not currently in scope)

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