Navigating the retail storm through supply chain agility

Navigating the retail storm through supply chain agility

Given COVID-19’s acceleration of digital retail trends, we sat down with Shekar Natarajan from American Eagle Outfitters to discuss the company’s recent push toward digitization.

What’s ahead for the dairy industry?

Three trends are shaping the dairy industry and will have near-term implications. To prepare, US dairy leaders should pursue a mix of company- and industry-level actions.

How the medtech industry can capture value from digital health

Medtech companies could play a major role in the digital transformation of healthcare that is under way, but they will have to make some big changes to the way they operate—and fast.

COVID-19’s impact on Asian Americans in the workplace

As Asian Americans strive for equity in the workplace, the COVID-19 crisis has created additional challenges. Six insights show how the pandemic has affected this group.

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