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The only program management solution that focuses on impact, not just activities

Wave is a web-based program-management tool that supports transformation and change programs. Providing an integrated, top-down view across an entire portfolio of initiatives, Wave supports companies at every stage of a program.

From planning and structuring projects to implementing and analyzing them, Wave helps organizations monitor, quantify, and sustain results. It also includes an advanced reporting system tailored to an individual program.

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What Wave provides

McKinsey has been part of countless change programs in large organizations. Using Wave, we’ve helped project-management teams ease the pain points they face throughout transitions and overcome the challenges of rolling out complex programs across multiple teams, sites, and markets. There are several benefits:

Transparent structure

Wave provides support through the planning and structuring of the change program, with detailed definitions of initiatives, action plans, and financial targets.

One source of truth

Wave provides an instant platform for communication within the organization and with stakeholders, especially when participants are spread across continents and work in completely different ways.

Real-time performance management

Wave helps companies actively monitor whether critical targets have been met and what the gaps are to reaching them. It also measures financial key performance indicators and the impact of each part of the change program. Automatic progress tracking reduces potential human error.

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