With Visual DoD, you can accurately estimate budgets and forecast demand

A complex, rapidly evolving US Department of Defense budget and increased aerospace and defense industry competition demand greater flexibility and responsiveness from participants in the defense, homeland security, and technology markets. VisualDoD combines budgetary, market, and competitive data with powerful visualization and analytical tools to help your organization analyze the market effectively and make timely strategic decisions.

Why VisualDoD

Executives in the commercial defense sector rely on U.S. Department of Defense data to set and implement effective business strategies. While DoD budgets are a matter of public record, the information is often shared across multiple sources and formats, lacking the consistency and transparency necessary to form a coherent view of industry trends and priorities.

VisualDoD helps organizations visualize their role in the market in order to make better decisions around budget, growth opportunities, and research. We combine budgetary, market, and competitive information with analytics tools and collaborative functionality to provide a single source of truth on the state of the sector.


VisualDoD by the numbers


time savings on budget analysis


ROI vs. legacy spending


A&D experts


A complete perspective of the industry

VisualDoD’s database is the most comprehensive of its type in the world, aggregating all available budgetary and market information into an easily accessible and transparent platform.

Agile and effective decision-making capabilities

With a tailored view of the market, companies can strategically decide how to develop their portfolio, reduce spend, and stay competitive.

Enhance productivity and efficiency

VisualDoD improves end-to-end productivity by providing analytical tools and collaborative capabilities that make sharing information with customers and stakeholders efficient and transparent.

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