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Optimize R&D productivity and increase project predictability

Numetrics delivers analytics-driven R&D performance benchmarks and accurate estimates of design complexity, project duration, and staffing requirements. Using Numetrics, companies can typically raise R&D productivity by 20 to 40 percent, decrease schedule slip by 60 to 90 percent, and reduce time-to-market (TTM) by 5 to 10 percent.

R&D projects are often delivered late and over budget. Numetrics allows companies to measure, benchmark and improve the productivity of their development teams, and to improve predictability by better estimating the time and resources required for new projects. Use tools from Numetrics to answer critical questions in R&D execution, such as these:

Predictability and planning

  • Project planning — How can we have better predictability on duration, resources and cost for new projects?
  • Portfolio planning — How can we best manage the portfolio and optimize our R&D spend?
  • Resource allocation — How can we ensure optimal staffing and avoid resource bottlenecks?
  • Risk management — How can we identify execution risk and early on and minimize costly schedule slips?
  • What-if analysis — What are the cost/resources/schedule trade-offs for different project plans and scenarios?

Performance improvement

  • Performance benchmark and root cause analysis — How does our performance vary internally? How does it compare to peers and what best practices should we adopt?
  • Improvement tracking — How well are our improvement initiatives (e.g. Agile transformation, complexity reduction, etc.) working?
  • Informed operational decisions — Is our outsourcing strategy working? Is our footprint harming productivity? How can we identify best practices across BUs?

About Numetrics

Introduction to Numetrics

Introduction to Numetrics

Watch this video to discover how Numetrics’ advanced analytics and predictive tools can be leveraged to improve R&D performance and to increase the predictability and accuracy of project plans.

What Numetrics provides

The Numetrics platform relies on comprehensive databases of industry projects (2,000+ integrated-circuit projects and 1,700+ software projects) and on proprietary advanced-analytics models. Numetrics is delivered as software as a service (SaaS) through an easy-to-use web interface. The main Numetrics products are:

R&D performance benchmarking

Create a project-level productivity baseline by analyzing the complexity and execution of recent projects. Benchmark R&D performance across multiple dimensions, such as productivity, throughput, cycle times, and quality—both internally and against industry peers.

Root-cause analysis

Use analytic tools to highlight probable causes and drivers of low productivity, bottlenecks, and inefficiency. Compare with industry best practices to identify gaps and determine an effective course of action

Project planner

Use predictive analytics to provide better transparency into schedules, costs, and required staffing levels at a project’s outset. Run what-if scenarios to determine optimal cycle times, staffing levels, and functionality trade-offs. Assess current plan’s schedule risks stemming from unrealistic productivity assumptions.


Numetrics can help companies optimize project planning and reconcile competing constraints, including resource availability, product functionality, time-to-market, and development costs.

Benchmark productivity to:

• measure and create a baseline for R&D capabilities across metrics—for instance, productivity, throughput, cycle times, and quality

• identify the root causes of bottlenecks, low productivity, and inefficiency

• benchmark internally across groups and externally to industry peers

• understand what best-in-class peers do differently

Optimize project planning and risk assessment to:

• determine schedules, resources, and cost requirements

• readily identify high-risk project plans before committing to them

• optimally staff projects to achieve maximum productivity

• quantify your R&D organization’s capacity

Boost R&D productivity and throughput to:

• plan and execute a successful R&D transformation program

• identify and apply internal best practices across teams

• design tailored improvement initiatives

Working with us

Numetrics can be applied either as a one-time performance diagnostic or as an ongoing subscription to monitor performance and better manage new projects.

Diagnostic engagement

• the analytic R&D diagnostic spans four to six weeks

• the deep R&D diagnostic spans eight to ten weeks

Annual subscription

• companies can license the Numetrics SaaS applications on an annual subscription basis and log in directly via standard web browsers

• subscriptions include user training and support and can be supplemented by expert consulting services



Numetrics R&D Analytics Introduction


Analytics-driven R&D optimization

Industry insight

Insights on Automotive SW development

Numetrics R&D Analytics
Industry insight

Insights on Networking equipment SW development

Numetrics R&D Analytics
Industry insight

Insights on Medical device SW development

Impact story

Telecom OEM – Agile SW productivity impact

Performance benchmarking used to track the impact of Agile adoption
Impact story

Financial institution – Lean SW productivity impact

Performance benchmarking used to track the impact of Lean transformation
Impact story

Networking OEM – SW cycle time reduction

Effort estimations used to better understand impact from change requests
Impact story

IC – Project planning with strict TTM window

Impact story

IC – Multi project planning

Portfolio level planning used to optimize resource allocation and avoid bottlenecks
Impact story

IC – Productivity diagnostic and root cause analysis

Diagnostic used to highlight causes of low productivity and determine recommended course of action

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