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In today’s interconnected, multi-device world, companies need to be more prepared than ever to protect their digital networks and assets. Digital Resilience Assessment gives executives clear, fact-based insights about their security capabilities. Our 360-degree benchmarking diagnostic identifies the areas where a company’s cybersecurity lags industry peers, determines the resource allocation necessary to improve those areas, and closely tracks the progress of those initiatives.

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Comprehensive analysis

Digital Resilience Assessment moves beyond technology and controls to address the entire cybersecurity ecosystem: processes, incident response capabilities, asset inventory management, and more

Objective benchmarks

Our reports show executives how their organizations compare with peers across 29 distinct cybersecurity dimensions, and can be tailored to a specific size, industry, geography, and security spend

Actionable initiatives

By comparing a company’s cybersecurity capabilities to their peers and best practices, we help prioritize the most urgent issues, develop actionable improvement plans, and provide tools to track those initiatives

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