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How Corporate Performance Analytics Helps Companies

In the past, answering questions like “How does our cash flow compare to our competitors?” or “Which of our acquisition targets is the market most undervaluing?” would take a manual, time-consuming audit process that resulted in data inaccuracies, and no ability to iterate on the initial question. Corporate Performance Analytics provides companies accurate answers to their financial questions instantly.
CFOs can use Corporate Performance Analytics to compare key performance metrics against peers, track changes and long-term trends in the industry landscape, and determine where to allocate their capital. By comparing their financial data against a proprietary database of information from more than 120,000 public companies, executives are able to confidently make the quick decisions necessary to promote organic and inorganic growth.

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What Corporate Performance Analytics provides

Corporate Performance Analytics provides three offerings that deliver insights through technology:

Benchmarking reports

Our benchmarking database allows companies to instantly compare their performance metrics against peers, track changes in industry landscape over business cycles and understand investment implications, and identify long-term trends to make informed strategic decisions.

Analytical tools

Our Economic Profit, Weighted Average Cost of Capital, and Return on Invested Capital tools calculate how a company’s financial performance compares to capital market expectations.

Scanners and monitors

Our Industry Scanner, Company Scanner, and M&A Monitor offer companies a detailed view of inorganic opportunities. These tools allow you to scan global profit pools for possible investments, monitor industry areas for potential growth, and track the performance of possible investments in real-time.


McKinsey-backed valuation

Corporate Performance Analytics is based on the proprietary methodology and metrics highlighted in Valuation, McKinsey’s well-known and widely-used guide to corporate valuation.

Accurate benchmarking

Corporate Performance Analytics compares a company’s performance against more than 60 years of industry data, integrated and quality-checked from multiple sources, and standardized using McKinsey technology. Our global support network of corporate finance and industry experts updates that data nightly and inspects it for accuracy, leading to confident decisions and analysis that do not need second guessing.

Automated, multi-format reports

Most valuation tools have limited reporting capabilities – usually handing their clients a massive spreadsheet of information they must sift through to find the most relevant information. Corporate Performance Analytics offers a variety of automated reports available in multiple formats, including Excel and PowerPoint. CFOs can quickly and easily select the information they need, and our tool instantly transforms the data into a shareable report or slide.

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