About Viktor

Based in Dubai, Viktor is the leader of our Healthcare Systems & Services Practice in the Middle East, where he helps clients reform and redesign national healthcare systems.

A medical doctor by training and a PhD in neurosurgery, he has helped pioneer health-system transformations around the world—personally heading our efforts in the Gulf, East Africa, and the Mediterranean—and assisting on projects from North Africa to Asia. His clients have included national governments, not-for-profit organisations, payors, and providers.

Viktor developed a consulting approach for examining the health systems of entire countries. This approach has been applied on a global basis and has aided improvements in regulation, financing, and health-care delivery. In one African country, our involvement helped reduce the maternal mortality rate sevenfold.

Viktor trained as a military doctor; he now coaches officers in the Swiss army. He was also a member of the Swiss National Judo Team from the age of 15 to 20.

Published work

Health care costs: A market-based view” (PDF–505 KB), McKinsey Quarterly, September 2008

Beyond hospitalisation benefits: The role of preventive care,” Sustainable Health Insurance, November 2007

Past experience

Universität Bern (Switzerland)
Neurosurgical intern and resident


Universität Berne (Switzerland)

Harvard University, School of Public Health