About Penny

Penny Dash is a senior partner in McKinsey’s London office. A medical doctor by training, she is a leader for our work with healthcare payors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Penny has substantial expertise in redesigning healthcare services in order to improve life expectancy, ensure high-quality services and reduce cost. She has worked on many aspects of health system/payor strategy, in particular initiatives to redesign care across care pathways, restructure or reconfigure providers to drive improvements in quality and cost, ensure a well-trained and efficient workforce and use competition and information to drive improvements in care. Her primary focus is the redesign of healthcare systems to improve clinical outcomes and boost the cost efficiency of provider organizations.

Penny has worked with clients as diverse as local health systems, hospitals, start-up companies, and think tanks. Her recent work includes an independent review of a European city's healthcare system; quantifying the financial challenge facing a national health system; and working with local clinicians, managers and patients to reconfigure hospital services.

Penny was previously the head of strategy for the National Health Service in the UK, where she developed the 2000 NHS Plan, which is still used today as a guide for policy direction.

She serves as the vice-chairman of The King’s Fund and is a founder and director of the Cambridge Health Network. From 2004 to 2006 she served as a non-executive director of Monitor, the independent regulator of health foundation trusts in the UK.

Published work

Using care pathways to improve health systems,” Health International, 2011, Issue 11 (PDF-828 KB)

Developing a regional health system strategy,” Health International, 2009, Issue 8 (PDF-597 KB)

Past experience

Department of Health (UK)
Head of strategy

BCG (Boston Consulting Group)
Manager/Associate partner

NHS (UK Healthcare System)


Stanford Business School
MBA, business administration

London School of Hygiene
MSc, Public health medicine

University College London
MBBS, Medicine

Cambridge University
MA, Medical sciences