About Nicolas

Nicolas is an associate principal in McKinsey’s Zurich office. He is a leader of McKinsey’s work in crisis response, and in enterprise risk management and risk culture, with a focus on implementing effective control frameworks. He serves financial institutions and governments, focusing on managing operational risks, stabilizing crisis situations, and building resilience.

Nicolas helped develop McKinsey’s broad set of proprietary crisis-preparedness methodologies and solutions.

Examples of his recent work:

  • advising a bank in direct crisis-response management during the financial crisis, helping it set up and run a crisis “war room” to coordinate the entire response effort, including coordination of broad stakeholder alignment (i.e., negotiations with shareholders, governments, and regulators) and forecast of potential crisis scenarios (i.e., cash flow and capital modeling for the most likely scenarios)
  • supporting a European government in restructuring the financial sector, including defining bank-merger strategies and building “bad banks” to wind down portfolios
  • implementing an overarching control framework, including detecting potential non-financial risks along the value chain and designing effective control mechanisms for mitigation
  • advising clients on bolstering crisis-readiness capabilities of top-management teams, helping them detect potential crisis situations early so that they can react appropriately


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management