About Masahiro

Masahiro helps lead the Capital Projects & Infrastructure Practice in Japan and is a co-leader of the High Tech Practice in Asia. His main focus is serving Japanese manufacturing companies. He also contributes to the energy and automotive practices, where his experience in strategy and operations help firms develop compelling strategies and optimize their operations costs, especially for the purchasing and transportation and logistics functions.

Masahiro’s recent work in the high-tech sector includes leading a market-research effort to uncover consumer perceptions and needs and identifying responsive strategic options and new business-development plans for a digital device. Outside of Japan, Masahiro helped develop the go-to-market strategy for a consumer product and service in global markets.

He has recently helped multiple Japanese companies become truly global companies. He assisted a Japanese firm in developing a global strategy and new business plan for emerging countries, and he supported another company in forming a partnership with a foreign local player.

In infrastructure and transport, Masahiro brings a broad range of experience—including developing growth strategies for high-speed rail and subway companies and helping turn around the performance of urban-transit companies. His expertise in transportation and logistics allows him to serve companies in a variety of other sectors. For instance, Masahiro supported a large Japanese manufacturing company in transforming its supply chain in Europe and the United States.

Masahiro serves as adjunct faculty at the graduate school of the University of Tokyo.


Columbia University
MA, international affairs

Keio University