About Jocelyn

Jocelyn works with clients throughout North America to help them improve both their organizational health and performance. She has experience in merger management, organizational design, and large-scale transformational change.

In recent years, Jocelyn has advised healthcare payors and providers looking to enhance their long-term performance so that they can respond to economic challenges and ready themselves for reform. For example, she has helped US health insurers increase their workforce productivity, strengthen their performance management systems, and build their capabilities at all levels, from the C-suite to the front line. And she has supported hospitals and other providers as they improve their performance and prepare for a dynamic new environment.

Jocelyn also helps executives determine when mergers or other joint ventures make sense. As plans progress, she identifies the factors that are crucial for success; drives the integration process forward; develops strategies to enhance the value of the merger; and works to inspire the necessary changes in mindsets and behaviors.

Prior to McKinsey, Jocelyn worked at Medco Health Solutions in Disease Management.

Past experience

Medco Health Solutions
Marketing Associate


Harvard University

University of Pennsylvania
Economic theory and policy