About Jenny

Jenny collaborates with leading healthcare institutions to address a range of business challenges, from implementing retail-oriented strategies that engage consumers and increase revenue to leading performance and cultural transformations. Her specific area of expertise is helping clients use consumer insights better, thereby increasing their ability to attract and retain key customer segments as well as improve returns on sales and marketing investments.

In the a post-reform environment, Jenny's work with insurers focuses on assisting their transition to helping them take a more consumer-oriented environments business approach. For example, a recent client project for a national health insurer sought to better align operational delivery to consumer priorities and needs, which resulted in improved total overall efficiency and better stakeholder outcomes. She has recently managed many other performance transformation efforts, including a multi-year cost-containment initiative, an effort to implement lean operations, and an organizational transformation project to embed a performance culture and improve sustainability.

Jenny is a frequent and significant contributor to McKinsey's research initiatives, having designed and led McKinsey's Consumer Health Insights (CHI) research from 2006 to 2011. Findings from this initiative provide healthcare organizations with deeper insight into consumer behavior and decision-making processes. She has published several McKinsey Quarterly articles addressing the challenges and opportunities of applying consumer insights in the healthcare sector.

Published work

"The role of emotions in buying health insurance," McKinsey Quarterly, May 2009

Past experience

Pratt & Whitney
Senior engineer


Carnegie Mellon University

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
BS, aerospace engineering