At McKinsey, I have access to unparalleled training opportunities.

Choosing McKinsey

Early on in my studies, I decided that I wanted to work in consulting. The constant variation in clients, topics, and tasks, the chance to continuously learn and develop, and the fast-paced, problem-solving team structure all appealed to me. Though I was always attracted to McKinsey, the people in the Oslo office made the firm an easy choice for me. I’ve found them to be positive, fun, outgoing, energetic, genuine, and caring. Having worked here now for three years, I have found that no matter how great a topic, industry, or client is, it's really the people you work with who make it fun.

Developing professionally

One of the things I love most about the Oslo office is that everyone is committed to helping you develop—both professionally and personally. You experience continuous development in your day-to-day project work. I distinctly remember my first project as a junior associate—where we were helping an oil-and-gas company with its future strategy—and how my team quickly provided the help and background I needed to approach this challenge successfully.

I’ve found the training offered by McKinsey to be incredibly helpful. There are many opportunities to choose from; they can be short and online-based courses, or week-long trainings in various locations around the world. In addition, I can always find a helping hand when it comes to aspects outside my professional life, particularly whenever I need advice on how to reach my personal goals or how to better balance my work with my private life.

Advice for applying to McKinsey

Remember to stay true to yourself—we want you for who you really are!


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