About Raffaele

To work for McKinsey in the Middle East is to be in a melting pot. Colleagues come from literally everywhere, yet they all have same underlining feature: a deep, abiding commitment to helping their clients succeed.

I started my journey with McKinsey in the Milan office in 2008. Over the past six years I have worked in over 10 different countries, made presentations to more than 15 CEOs, and taken part in meetings that I never imagined I’d be a part of. That is what attracted me to McKinsey in the first place, and it is what keeps me here still.

What I have learnt at McKinsey has completely changed the way I approach most aspects of my life. When I decide to leave the firm one day, I will carry this essential quality with me wherever I go.

Working with visionaries

About a year ago I relocated to the Dubai office, where my exciting journey continues to follow the same unrivalled path that only McKinsey can guarantee consistently in every part of the globe. There is one major difference, though. Here there is the potential to make much greater impact than would be possible in a mature market: shaping the agendas of governments, helping visionary entrepreneurs achieve their goals, and supporting multinationals in cracking the Middle East mystery.

Advice for applicants—prepare, prepare, prepare!

Joining McKinsey has been a no-regrets move for me. If you’re eager to learn and grow both personally and professionally, and keen to have lasting impact on major organisations and entire countries, you should apply. My advice to applicants is to devote a few days to preparing well for the interview, taking advantage of the help McKinsey provides on its website and at recruiting events.


IE Business School, Madrid

Bocconi University, Milan
MSc, management