Societal Impact

Societal Impact

McKinsey helps leading institutions address many of the world’s most pressing education, public health, and humanitarian challenges.

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Pro Bono Work

Helping Leaders of Our Communities

The Canadian office supports our local and global communities through various pro bono work initiatives. We encourage our consultants to become leaders in business and in our local and global communities in a number of ways.

  1. Large-scale pro bono engagements. A full-time team of consultants and office support is provided to an organization to solve a key strategic or business issue.

  2. Smaller tactical project support. Individual consultants often want to leverage McKinsey’s resources to support the organizations they are passionate about. Our offices provide resources and partial consultant time to conduct initiatives at selected charitable or community organizations.

  3. Board membership and participation. Many members of our senior leadership are active in Canadian artistic, community service, and charity organizations. A number of organizations have developed long-standing relationships with our offices, providing opportunities for our consultants to volunteer and participate.

Street Kids International

McKinsey Canada has a rich history with Street Kids International, developing a long-standing relationship over the organization’s first 20 years. Street Kids International is a nonprofit agency founded in Canada, with operations in Canada and the United Kingdom. It is a global leader in developing and disseminating tools to help street youth learn to earn a living and make healthy, informed decisions related to their health. Street Kids teams with youth workers to develop locally relevant, innovative workshops using award-winning animations that engage kids about sexual health, drug use, and youth entrepreneurship. Having reached more than two million street kids in more than 60 countries, Street Kids International has been recognized by the United Nations as a global best-practice leader in youth work.

McKinsey helped to set the strategic direction of Street Kids International early in the organization's history, and since then, consultants from the Canadian offices have provided assistance in strategic review, facilitating workshops, and fund-raising activities. In addition, we have developed a legacy of serving on its board of directors. Stephen Bear, Toronto office alum, was a longtime board member in the organization's early years. Today principal Krishna Nikhil serves on its board.

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