Being part of a global firm means that you not only tap into other people’s knowledge and expertise but that you adopt a global mindset as well.

Why McKinsey

After two years with the Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan I wished to be involved in more personal business evolutions, and I also felt I needed to have more experiences and skills for that. If I continued working in company turn-around activities as a national officer, I may not realize my aspiration to be a global leader and someone who creates value.

Looking back now I am convinced that I made the right decision. The first two years after I joined the firm, I worked with the Corporate Finance Practice based in Hong Kong. I mainly engaged in valuation support, post-merger management, and growth strategy helping Asian investment banks, private equity firms and corporations. I also participated in the firm’s global rotation program where I spent 6 to 9 months in the Americas and another 6 to 9 months in Europe working with local teams and for local clients.

What I like about McKinsey

The best part is that I can actively choose my work focus and growth path. The first thing I was told at the firm was “Shape your own McKinsey.” I was surprised that I could seek and choose how to develop my career and serve the industries that interested me. But those exact words are true, and the people in the office are very supportive.

Also, the firm values implementation support in addition to development of strategic plans. Our perspective on value creation is that true value cannot be realized without being in the environment and dealing directly with the complexities of helping people and organizations change.

Finally, I work with highly motivated, smart people all over the world without any barriers to access. “One Global Firm” means I can have discussions with firm members with different expertise in other regions, industries and practices easily on the same day. There are really no barriers such as status and location.


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