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Urban mobility at a tipping point

Urban mobility at a tipping point

September 2015—As more of the world’s cities become congested and polluted, new business models and technologies are emerging to solve the mobility challenge.more

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Big data versus big congestion: Using information to improve transport

July 2015—Digitization in infrastructure networks could improve forecasting, promote reliability, and increase efficiency.more

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Full speed ahead: How the driverless car could transform cities

August 2015—Self-driving cars are not just about a hands-free driving experience. Their emergence points to an urban transformation that will change the way people navigate, access information, and interact with one another.more


Unlocking the future: The keys to making cities great

June 2015—Effective urban leaders focus on doing three things well.more


Building the cities of the future with green districts

May 2015—Better design can make sense aesthetically, environmentally—and economically.more

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The four global forces breaking all the trends

April 2015—The world economy’s operating system is being rewritten. In this exclusive excerpt from the new book No Ordinary Disruption, its authors explain the trends reshaping the world and why leaders must adjust to a new reality.more

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A dose of innovation to ease infrastructure strains?

September 2014—A huge spending tab looms. The financial pressures will prompt nations to think creatively about their needs.more

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Tackling the world’s affordable housing challenge

October 2014—A third of urban dwellers—1.6 billion people—could struggle to secure decent housing by 2025. A McKinsey Global Institute report details four approaches that could help.

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Creating growth clusters: What role for local government?

July 2014—A systematic approach to implementation could help start-up ecosystems flourish.more


Scaling a start-up community: An interview with Berlin’s mayor

July 2014—The German city is actively—and aggressively—seeking to become Europe’s entrepreneurial hub. Mayor Klaus Wowereit explains how.more


How to build a skyscraper in two weeks

May 2014—China’s Broad Group is revolutionizing commercial building. Chairman and CEO Zhang Yue explains why traditional construction practices are outdated and how the industry can change.more


Maximizing revenue from government-owned assets

May 2014—Privatizing government assets is just one way to improve fiscal health or invest in new infrastructure. To create value for the public, all options should be considered.more


Building societies: An interview with Madeleine Albright

May 2014—Infrastructure is about much more than cement, according to the former US secretary of state and chair of the Albright Stonebridge Group.more


Building the creative economy: An interview with Richard Florida

December 2013—The academic and author explains how creative companies and the venture capital that drives them are increasingly flowing to cities, and what that means for economic and societal development.more

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