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How to rethink pricing at container terminals

How to rethink pricing at container terminals

December 2015—An innovative approach that creates incentives for efficiency could generate up to $3 billion in value for operators and their customers.more

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Facebook and the future of travel

December 2015—The company’s Lee McCabe explains how the travel-industry landscape is shifting—and why mobile apps are the way forward.more


Creating value in transportation and logistics

November 2015—The “new normal” for the sector is tougher than for many other industries. Here's how transportation and logistics businesses can increase their economic profit.more

Gridlock_on_the_ ground_How_ airlines_can_respond_to_airport_congestion_1536x1536_Thumbnail

Gridlock on the ground: How airlines can respond to airport congestion

August 2015—As airports become congested, five trends emerge. When airlines understand those trends, they’re better prepared to respond.more

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Unlocking the potential of the Internet of Things

June 2015—If policy makers and businesses get it right, linking the physical and digital worlds could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025.more

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Landside operations: The next frontier for container-shipping alliances

April 2015—Container lines have used alliances to increase scope and reduce cost on the ocean. Industry pressures are now making landside cooperation the next step for capturing economies of scale.more

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Redefining service innovation at Starwood

February 2015—The head of the hotel company’s loyalty program, Mark Vondrasek, describes its approach to technology, guest loyalty, and disruptive new competitors.more

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Service innovation in a digital world

February 2015—New digital upstarts are threatening the bottom lines, growth prospects, and even business models of traditional service providers. It’s time for incumbents to innovate—or be left behind.more


Managing supplier risk in the transportation and infrastructure industry

February 2015—Introducing systematic risk-management tools, particularly in the supplier-selection process, could help mitigate problems associated with the industry.more


The hidden opportunity in container shipping

November 2014—By taking advantage of savings and revenue opportunities, container lines can return to profit.more


The future of Airbnb in cities

November 2014—In just six years, home-rental company Airbnb has grown exponentially—and attracted increasing regulatory scrutiny. Cofounder and CEO Brian Chesky explains why the company and cities must work together.more

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China’s airlines: Flying higher

September 2014—China’s airlines face opportunities and challenges from expected increased market competition and burgeoning latent demand for air travel. To adapt profitably, China’s incumbent carriers can make four responsive moves.more

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