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A best-practice model for bank compliance

A best-practice model for bank compliance

January 2016—Tighter compliance regulations have challenged financial institutions in a variety of ways. Yet those who adapt best may enjoy a distinct competitive advantage.more

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Taking the stress out of operational-risk stress testing

December 2015—Financial institutions are facing heightened supervisory scrutiny, but those that establish a structured and calibrated approach to operational-risk stress testing will thrive.more

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Getting a better handle on currency risk

July 2015—When exchange rates are volatile, companies rush to stem potential losses. What risks should they hedge—and how?more

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Repelling the cyberattackers

July 2015—Organizations must build digital resilience to protect their most valuable information assets.more

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A marathon, not a sprint: Capturing value from BCBS 239 and beyond

June 2015—Meeting more stringent regulations requires banks globally to spend billions of dollars. Yet with the right long-term strategy, they could realize even bigger annual savings.more

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An executive’s guide to machine learning

June 2015—It’s no longer the preserve of artificial-intelligence researchers and born-digital companies like Amazon, Google, and Netflix.more


People and talent management in risk and control functions

May 2015—Risk-management functions in corporates and financial institutions face more and more challenges to recruit, develop, and retain the right people. Here are five strategic initiatives that can help.more


Managing supplier risk in the transportation and infrastructure industry

February 2015—Introducing systematic risk-management tools, particularly in the supplier-selection process, could help mitigate problems associated with the industry.more


Why senior leaders are the front line against cyberattacks

June 2014—All companies are aware of the growing risk of cyberattacks, yet few are taking the steps necessary to protect critical information. The key? Senior managers need to lead.more

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Europe’s wholesale gas market: Innovate to survive

May 2014—The risks against a structural long position have increased. Here’s how major gas distributors can react through improved product design.more


Making better decisions about the risks of capital projects

May 2014—A handful of pragmatic tools can help managers decide which projects best fit their portfolio and risk tolerance.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

The rising strategic risks of cyberattacks

May 2014—Research by McKinsey and the World Economic Forum points to a widening range of technology vulnerabilities and potentially huge losses in value tied to innovation.more


Enterprise-risk-management practices: Where’s the evidence?

February 2014—A survey across two European industries.more

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