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Eradicating polio in Nigeria

Eradicating polio in Nigeria

February 2016—The country’s novel approach to disease control can offer lessons for other countries facing urgent public-health challenges.more

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Urban mobility at a tipping point

September 2015—As more of the world’s cities become congested and polluted, new business models and technologies are emerging to solve the mobility challenge.more


Implementing a citizen-centric approach to delivering government services

July 2015—When governments deliver services based on the needs of the people they serve, they can increase public satisfaction and reduce costs.more

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Big data versus big congestion: Using information to improve transport

July 2015—Digitization in infrastructure networks could improve forecasting, promote reliability, and increase efficiency.more

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The infrastructure conundrum: Improving productivity

July 2015—Infrastructure productivity can and should be much better. Here’s how to start improving.more


Improving disaster recovery

June 2015—When natural disasters strike, governments step up. Here’s how they can improve the odds of a successful long-term recovery.more

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Removing the roadblocks to smarter investment in American transportation

June 2015—US infrastructure is aging, while the population is growing. To improve the transportation system, argues the secretary of transportation, the United States needs more funding and less red tape.more

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Making the most of a wealth of infrastructure finance

June 2015—Spending money, not raising it, is the biggest problem when it comes to financing infrastructure.more

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E before I: Why engagement needs to come first in planning infrastructure

June 2015—Consulting stakeholders before digging makes for better, cheaper projects.more


A hidden roadblock in public-infrastructure projects

June 2015—Misplaced assumptions that governments always enjoy a cost-of-capital advantage over private players can kill projects on the drawing board. Reexamining the economics could move more deals ahead.more


Unlocking the future: The keys to making cities great

June 2015—Effective urban leaders focus on doing three things well.more

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Connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age

June 2015—Online talent platforms are increasingly connecting people to the right work opportunities. By 2025 they could add $2.7 trillion to global GDP, and begin to ameliorate many of the persistent problems in the world’s labor markets.more

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Rethinking the water cycle_1536x1536_Thumbnail

Rethinking the water cycle

May 2015—How moving to a circular economy can preserve our most vital resource.more

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