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Creating growth clusters: What role for local government?

July 2014—A systematic approach to implementation could help start-up ecosystems flourish.more


Scaling a start-up community: An interview with Berlin’s mayor

July 2014—The German city is actively—and aggressively—seeking to become Europe’s entrepreneurial hub. Mayor Klaus Wowereit explains how.more

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Tony Fernandes on driving ASEAN entrepreneurship

August 2014—The founder and CEO of AirAsia discusses Southeast Asia’s tremendous opportunities—and significant challenges.more

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Creating partnerships for sustainability

July 2014—Companies are increasingly expected to join with other organizations—both public and private—to address social and environmental problems. Here are seven ways to make such alliances successful.more


Defense offsets: From ‘contractual burden’ to competitive weapon

July 2014—Western defense companies looking to new markets often view “offsets” as a burden in international sales. Yet there is value in these industrial compensation arrangements with foreign governments.more

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Fiscal shock, combat awe

June 2014—The United States has traditionally cut defense costs in the wrong ways. In this edited extract from a new Aspen Strategy Group book, McKinsey’s John Dowdy and Diana Farrell explain how the country can preserve its fighting power in the age of austerity.more


Maximizing revenue from government-owned assets

May 2014—Privatizing government assets is just one way to improve fiscal health or invest in new infrastructure. To create value for the public, all options should be considered.more


Building societies: An interview with Madeleine Albright

May 2014—Infrastructure is about much more than cement, according to the former US secretary of state and chair of the Albright Stonebridge Group.more


Understanding ASEAN: Seven things you need to know

May 2014—Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest-growing markets—and one of the least well known.more

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Medellín’s metamorphosis: An interview with Mayor Aníbal Gavíria

May 2014—The city of Medellín, once the crime-ridden center of Colombia’s drug trade, is undergoing an urban renewal. Medellín’s mayor explains the city’s journey and the lessons it holds.more

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