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How business and government can bring young people into work

February 2015—Youth unemployment is a global problem without an easy solution. Yet an innovative program making a difference in Berlin holds lessons for others.more

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A recipe for economic growth

February 2015—Former US treasury secretary Lawrence H. Summers believes institutional reforms and significant investment are required to push the world economy forward.more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

Debt and (not much) deleveraging

February 2015—Global debt has grown by $57 trillion and no major economy has decreased its debt-to-GDP ratio since 2007. High government debt in advanced economies, mounting household debt, and the rapid rise of China’s debt are areas of potential concern.more

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commentary | McKinsey Global Institute

Building agencies to rate public policy

January 2015—Independently rating proposals made to governments by interest groups could lead to better, more valuable policies, says Ricardo Hausmann, director of Harvard University’s Center for International Development.more

commentary | McKinsey Global Institute

Designing policies that support growth

January 2015—Implementing policies that work together to enable growth is our best opportunity to sustain rising global prosperity, says Catherine Mann, chief economist of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.more

commentary | McKinsey Global Institute

Building better cities

January 2015—If approached correctly, urbanization can be an engine of growth, writes Joan Clos, executive director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme.more


Public-sector digitization: The trillion-dollar challenge

December 2014—The full benefits of digitization could be huge, but to realize them, governments need to tackle the factors that make many e-government efforts fall short of their promise.more


How US state governments can improve customer service

December 2014—A McKinsey Center for Government survey finds that Americans are often dissatisfied with state services—and identifies significant opportunities for improvement.more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

How the world could better fight obesity

November 2014—If the prevalence of obesity continues on its rising trend, almost half of the world’s adult population could be overweight or obese by 2030, imposing even greater personal, social, and economic costs. Effectively combating obesity around the world may require a comprehensive strategy of 44 interventions as part of a potential Obesity Abatement Program.more

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article | McKinsey Quarterly

A dose of innovation to ease infrastructure strains?

September 2014—A huge spending tab looms. The financial pressures will prompt nations to think creatively about their needs.more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

Tackling the world’s affordable housing challenge

October 2014—A third of urban dwellers—1.6 billion people—could struggle to secure decent housing by 2025. A McKinsey Global Institute report details four approaches that could help.

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article | McKinsey Quarterly

A productivity perspective on the future of growth

September 2014—If demography is destiny, global growth is headed for a slowdown. History, however, suggests that productivity could ride to the rescue.more

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