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Private equity: Changing perceptions and new realities

April 2014—Industry performance is better than previously thought, but success is getting harder to repeat. Investors and firms will need to adapt to changing conditions.more

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Private-equity lessons from the front line

July 2013—The opportunities are still plentiful if investors apply a different skill set. Four leading private-equity players discuss the outlook.more

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Due diligence in China: Art, science, and self-defense

July 2013—Widespread delisting of Chinese companies has investors rethinking due diligence and looking harder for subtle clues that something is amiss.more


How alternative investments are going mainstream

September 2012—Almost given up for dead during the crisis, they have fully recovered and are set to outpace traditional assets over the next few years.more


Private equity’s new Asian strength

August 2012—A rebound signals opportunity—and a need for flexibility as the market evolves.more

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The emerging equity gap: Growth and stability in the new investor landscape

December 2011—Short of a very rapid change in investor behavior and adoption of new policies in the largest emerging economies, the role of equities in the global financial system may be reduced in the coming decade.more

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The five types of successful acquisitions

July 2010—Companies advance myriad strategies for creating value with acquisitions—but only a handful are likely to do so.more

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