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Why companies should care about e-care

August 2014—Digital customer service is now a strategic imperative, but its adoption is hampered by weaknesses in delivery strategies and incomplete measurement of its effectiveness.more

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Why implementation matters

August 2014—How important is the way you implement a major change effort? We surveyed more than 2,000 global executives to find out—and to learn from the best.more


How big data can improve manufacturing

July 2014—Manufacturers taking advantage of advanced analytics can reduce process flaws, saving time and money.more


Rebalancing your sourcing strategy

July 2014—Offshoring is alive and well, but it’s no longer the only answer.more


Understanding the services revolution

June 2014—Digitization has finally brought disruptive innovation to the services sector. In this interview, McKinsey’s Travis Fagan explains how customers are driving change.more

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article | McKinsey Quarterly

Finding the sweet spot for allocating innovation resources

May 2014—A survey finds that when it comes to reallocating R&D expenditures, more isn’t necessarily better.more


Picking winning supply-chain technologies

June 2014—The latest digital advance won’t necessarily cure your supply-chain woes. In this video interview, McKinsey’s Alex Niemeyer outlines the technologies that can help companies grapple with heightened supply-chain volatility.more

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Ten tips for leading companies out of crisis

March 2014—Even good managers can miss the early signs of distress, says McKinsey’s Doug Yakola, who’s been running recovery programs for 20 years. The first step is to acknowledge there’s a problem.more

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The organization that renews itself: Lasting value from lean management

February 2014—Applying lean principles to management, rather than just operations, can help large organizations reimagine how they work and unlock value through continuous improvement.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

When big data goes lean

February 2014—The combination of advanced analytics and lean management could be worth tens of billions of dollars in higher earnings for large manufacturers. A few leading companies are showing the way.more


Driving lean management: An interview with the COO of TD Ameritrade

February 2014—The financial-services group’s Marv Adams explains how ridding organizations of valueless complexity can spur growth.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

(Still) learning from Toyota

February 2014—A retired Toyota executive describes how to overcome common management challenges associated with applying lean, and reflects on the ways that Toyota continues to push the boundaries of lean thinking.more

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