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McKinsey Global Institute

MGI is led by three McKinsey directors based in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. They advise research teams and set MGI's research agenda with input from McKinsey's director of firm knowledge, academic advisors and other experts.

MGI leadership

Michael Chui

Michael Chui

MGI Partner

Leads research on the impact of information technologies and innovation on business, the economy, and society

Richard Dobbs, Director of the McKinsey Global Institute

Richard Dobbs


Leads research on global economic trends, including urbanization, resource markets, capital markets, and productivity and growth

Eric Labaye

Eric Labaye


A director of McKinsey based in Paris, Eric manages global research investments and operations

Susan Lund, Principal

Susan Lund

MGI Partner

Leads research on global financial markets, labor markets, and the macroeconomic outlook

Anu Madgavkar - picture

Anu Madgavkar

Senior fellow

Leads MGI teams based in India, working on global as well as India-focused research. Has served a range of clients in banking and financial services

James Manyika - picture

James Manyika


Leads research on global economic and technology trends and has served many of the world's leading high tech companies on growth, innovation, and strategy

Jan Mischke

Jan Mischke

Senior fellow

Leads research on competitiveness and growth in advanced economies, including infrastructure, manufacturing, and trade.

Sree Ramaswamy

Sree Ramaswamy

Senior fellow

Leads research on manufacturing, growth, competitiveness, and the impact of multinational companies on the economy.

jaana remes

Jaana Remes

MGI Partner

Leads research on productivity, competitiveness, urbanization and manufacturing

Fraser Thompson

Fraser Thompson

Senior fellow

Leads research on resource economics, as well as productivity and growth issues in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Jonathan Woetzel

Jonathan Woetzel


Leads research on China, Asia, and global economic and business trends. Helps cities and regions create sustainable growth and supports the transformation of Chinese companies into global leaders.

Academic advisors

MGI works with leading economists, including Nobel laureates, who act as advisors on MGI projects. Current advisors include:

Martin Baily

Brookings Institution

Senior fellow, economic studies, Bernard L. Schwartz Chair in Economic Policy Development

Erik Brynjolfsson


Schussel Family professor at Sloan School of Management

Richard Cooper

Harvard University

Maurits C. Boas professor of International Economics

Sir Howard Davies

Institut d’Études Politiques

Professor in the Practice of Political Science and former director of the London School of Economics and Political Science

Rakesh Mohan

Yale University

Professor in the Practice of International Economics and Finance, School of Management, and senior fellow, Jackson Institute of Global Affairs

Michael Spence

NYU Stern School of Business

Nobel laureate and William R. Berkley professor in Economics & Business

Laura Tyson

UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business

Professor of Business Administration and director of the Institute for Business & Social Impact



Other past academic advisors have included:

Masahiko Aoki

Stanford University

Henri and Tomoye Takahashi professor emeritus of Japanese studies

Kenneth J. Arrow

Stanford University

1972 Nobel laureate in Economics, professor of Economics (emeritus)

Leszek Balcerowicz

Warsaw School of Economics

Professor of Economics

Olivier Blanchard


Currently on leave as the economic counselor and director of the research department of the International Monetary Fund

Barry Bosworth

Brookings Institution

Senior fellow, economic studies, Global Economy and Development and Robert V. Roosa chair

Sergio Rebelo

Northwestern University

Tokai Bank professor of Finance

Dani Rodrik

Harvard University

Professor of International Political Economy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government

Kenneth Rogoff

Harvard University

Professor of Economics and Thomas D. Cabot professor of Public Policy

Paul Romer

Stanford University

Senior fellow at Stanford Center for International Development (SCID) and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)

Matthew Slaughter

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Associate Dean of the MBA program and the Signal Companies professor of Management

Robert Solow


1987 Nobel laureate in Economics, Emeritus Institute professor, Economics department


MGI alumni

Diana Farrell

Current director of the McKinsey Center for Government and a director of McKinsey based in Washington, D.C. Served as deputy director of the US National Economic Council and deputy assistant to the president for economic policy. Led MGI from 2002–2008.

Ted Hall

Former director of McKinsey, led knowledge building efforts and had a 27-year career at the firm. He co-founded MGI and later served as its chairman.

William Lewis

Was a partner of McKinsey for 20 years and co-founding director of MGI from its founding in 1990 until his retirement from McKinsey in 2001.

Lenny Mendonca

Former chairman of MGI and firm's knowledge building efforts. Previously served as a McKinsey director and a public sector practice leader based in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.