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McKinsey Global Institute

Reports issued by the McKinsey Global Institute are often cited in international media, and MGI authors frequently contribute to leading business publications. We offer a selection of articles below.

MGI In the News

article | Project Syndicate

The two mexicos

April 1, 2014—In a world that has grown nervous about emerging economies, Mexico stands out as an island of opportunity, with a stable fiscal position and the prospect of rising demand for its goods as the US recovery gathers momentum. Yet there is another side to the Mexico story. For all of its successes under NAFTA and other market-opening devices, the country has recorded relatively slow GDP growth. For the past 20 years, annual GDP growth in Mexico has averaged about 2.7%, which is low by emerging-economy standards and not enough to raise living standards substantially across a growing population, write Luis Rubio and Jaana Remes in Project Syndicate.more

article | Project Syndicate

From poverty to empowerment

March 3, 2014—A new McKinsey Global Institute report, "From Poverty to Empowerment," uses an innovative analytical framework, the "empowerment line," to estimate the cost to the average citizen of fulfilling eight basic needs: food, energy, housing, potable water, sanitation, health care, education, and social security. According to this metric, 56% of Indians in 2012 "lacked the means to meet essential needs.",write Subir Gokarn and Anu Madgavkar in Project Syndicate. more

article | Project Syndicate

Big data, big new businessses

February 25, 2014—Many people have long believed that if government and the private sector agreed to share their data more freely, and allow it to be processed using the right analytics, previously unimaginable solutions to countless social, economic, and commercial problems would emerge. They may have no idea how right they are, write Nigel Shadbolt and Mchael Chui in Project Syndicate.more

article | Financial Times

‘Open data’ can raise company performance

February 11, 2014—We estimate the potential value that can be unlocked through the use of open and shared data are $3,000bn annually in seven “domains” of the global economy. The actual value may be far larger, write Steve Van Kuiken and Michael Chui in Financial Times.more


Are you ready for the second machine age?

January 29, 2014—When we look past the current business cycle, we are convinced that the next 30 years will deliver even greater innovation and economic bounty to America and the world. We're in the early stages of what we're calling the second machine age, write Erik Brynjolfsson, James Manyika and Andrew McAfee in The Huffington Postmore


When easy money ends

January 28, 2014—Research by the McKinsey Global Institute suggests that lower interest rates saved the US and European governments nearly $1.6 trillion from 2007 to 2012. This windfall allowed higher government spending and less austerity. If interest rates were to return to 2007 levels, interest payments on government debt could rise by 20%, other things being equal, write Richard Cooper and Richard Dobbs in Project Syndicate.more


Quantitative easing, not as we know it

November 14, 2013—Growth might not have come from the classical channels of boosting corporate investment or consumer expenditure. Instead, the clearest impact from ultra-low interest rates appears to have come from enabling government expenditure, and possibly boosting housing construction, write Richard Dobbs and Susan Lund in The Economist.more


Game changing investments for the US

October 18, 2013—While Washington remains mired in brinksmanship over the debt ceiling and the budget, a potentially larger problem is building that may constrain growth for decades to come, write Laura D'Andrea Tyson and Susan Lund in The New York Times, Economix blog.more


The still emerging markets

October 14, 2013—Emerging economies today are much more than a collection of new consumer markets and plentiful (and increasingly skilled) labor. They are also home to thousands of new companies, many of which are quickly becoming large, global leaders in their fields, write Richard Cooper and Jaana Remes in Project Syndicate.more


All things online

September 23, 2013—McKinsey Global Institute has identified as among the most disruptive technologies of the coming decade: the mobile Internet and the Internet of Things, write James Manyika and Michael Chui in Foreign Affairs.more

Economist—The debtors merry-go-round

The Economist's interactive guide shows levels of debt as a % of GDP for a selection of rich countries and emerging markets, drawing on MGI data. View interactive on Economist.commore

“Africa is home to many of the world's biggest opportunities. The trick is deciding where and how to seize them.”
Harvard Business Review

videoCNBC Interview - Richard Dobbs

Asia's urbanization challenge

MGI director Richard Dobbs and other experts discuss how city planners are rising to the urbanization challenge on CNBC Asia.more