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Getting big impact from big data
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Getting big impact from big data

January 2015—New technology tools are making adoption by the front line much easier, and that’s accelerating the organizational adaptation needed to produce results.more

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The family-business factor in emerging markets

December 2014—Family-owned businesses are a large and growing force. Organizations that want to collaborate—or compete—with these companies in emerging markets must first understand them.more

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Running your company at two speeds

December 2014—Digital competition may dictate a new organizational architecture in which emerging digital processes coexist with traditional ones.more

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From bottom to top: Turning around the top team

November 2014—A case study of change at Philips illustrates the importance of the “soft stuff.”more

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Service-sector productivity and international competitiveness

October 1992—Service-sector productivity largely determines a nation’s ability to compete in today’s global economy. An analysis of the comparative productivity levels of several leading countries provides insights into the factors that make a difference.more

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