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Long-term Capitalism

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Creating value from long-term bets

February 2016—Corning’s CEO reminds us that big corporate achievements rarely come overnight.more

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The impact of regulation

April 2015—The chief financial and risk officer of APG, Angelien Kemna, believes pension funds and regulators must work together to foster opportunities for long-term investment while ensuring stable, sound, and safe financial markets.more


Business and society in the coming decades

April 2015—In the long term, corporate and societal interests converge. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and SVP of sustainability Kathleen McLaughlin argue companies have an opportunity to use their scale and expertise to reshape global systems and mitigate complex problems.more


Short-termism and the threat from climate change

April 2015—By not acting now, we’re allowing the future costs of the greenhouse-gas crisis to compound. Eventually, the consequences will be irreversible.more


Our gambling culture

April 2015—The craving for immediate gratification has spread well beyond Wall Street.more

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Perspectives on the long term

March 2015—What will it take to shift markets and companies away from a short-term way of thinking?more


The real business of business

March 2015—Shareholder-oriented capitalism is still the best path to broad economic prosperity, as long as companies focus on the long term.more

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Heineken’s CEO on leading a 150-year-old company

October 2014—As Heineken marks its 150th year, CEO Jean-François van Boxmeer speaks about innovation, managing for the long term, and how he aims to uphold the company’s rich legacy. more

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Redefining capitalism

September 2014—Despite its ability to generate prosperity, capitalism is under attack. By shaking up our long-held assumptions about how and why the system works, we can improve it.more

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Lou Gerstner on corporate reinvention and values

September 2014—The former IBM CEO offers his thoughts on the principles and strategies that sustain a company in the long run.more

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Business, society, and the future of capitalism

May 2014—Unilever chief executive Paul Polman explains why capitalism must evolve, his company’s efforts to change, and how business leaders are critical to solving intractable problems.more

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Building a forward-looking board

February 2014—Directors should spend a greater share of their time shaping an agenda for the future.more


Focusing capital on the long term

December 2013—Dominic Barton, McKinsey’s global managing director, and Mark Wiseman, president and CEO of Canada’s largest pension fund, explain why big investors are crucial to ending the plague of short-termism.more

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