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Globalization for the little guy

January 2016—Digitization has opened the door for emerging economies, small businesses, and individuals to participate directly in globalization.more

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Achieving a digital state of mind

February 2016—Digital isn’t merely an add-on; it’s a way to think differently about business models, customer journeys, and organizational agility.more

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Fostering an open, secure digital economy

January 2016—US secretary of commerce Penny Pritzker discusses efforts to make the Internet a free, open, and available asset—while respecting user privacy and providing security.more

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Digital America: A tale of the haves and have-mores

December 2015—While the most advanced sectors, companies, and individuals push the boundaries of technology use, the US economy as a whole is realizing only 18 percent of its digital potential.more

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E-SIM for consumers—a game changer in mobile telecommunications?

January 2016—Traditional removable SIM cards are being replaced by dynamic embedded ones. What might this disruption mean for the industry?more

interview | McKinsey Quarterly

How Ericsson aligned its people with its transformation strategy

January 2016—A recent shift in strategy required an overhaul of HR. Ericsson’s chief human-resources officer, Bina Chaurasia, describes how skills, technology, and processes had to change on a global scale.


Lessons from digital telcos: Five initiatives to improve business performance

December 2015—McKinsey research reveals the importance of placing digital bets in several core areas that can help companies streamline IT operations and enhance the customer experience.more


The state of global media spending

December 2015—Overall expenditures rose marginally year on year in 2014, but slower growth is coming.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Taking the measure of the networked enterprise

October 2015—New research shows that power users reap the greatest benefits from social technologies.more

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Grow fast or die slow: The double-edged sword of M&A

October 2015—Our latest research on growth in software and online-services companies has some surprising findings about the benefits and risks of buying growth.more

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For daily fantasy-sports operators, the curse of too much skill

September 2015—Fantasy-sports leagues are red hot. But ensuring recreational players stay involved presents a fundamental operating challenge.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

An executive’s guide to the Internet of Things

August 2015—The rate of adoption is accelerating. Here are six things you need to know.more

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interview | McKinsey Global Institute

The Internet of Things: Five critical questions

August 2015—How do industry experts view the development of the Internet of Things, and what would they change?more

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Reborn in the cloud

July 2015—Adobe executives discuss the company’s move from selling shrink-wrapped products to offering web-based software and services.more

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