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Transforming the business through social tools

January 2015—The effect of social technologies in customer-facing processes is already significant. Our survey finds that while overall adoption of these tools has plateaued, companies can do more to measure and then capture social’s benefits.more

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China’s rising Internet wave: Wired companies

January 2015—After a massive rise in Internet use by consumers, adoption by Chinese companies is catching up with that of the developed world.more


The Internet of Things: Sizing up the opportunity

December 2014—This connectivity trend is now recognized as a source of growth for semiconductor players and their customers. Here we consider the opportunities and constraints for components manufacturers.more


How the Internet of Things could transform the value chain

December 2014—In this interview, the CEO of software company PTC, James Heppelmann, explains how connected products may help companies become more proactive and efficient.more


Making connections: An industry perspective on the Internet of Things

December 2014—The CEO of semiconductor company CSR, Joep van Beurden, discusses the progress—and growing pains—of the Internet of Things market.more

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India’s tech opportunity: Transforming work, empowering people

December 2014—A dozen disruptive technologies can add up to $1 trillion in GDP by 2025 and help bring millions of Indians up the MGI Empowerment Line.more

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Automation, jobs, and the future of work

December 2014—A group of economists, tech entrepreneurs, and academics discuss whether technological advances will automate tasks more quickly than the United States can create jobs.more

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The future of Airbnb in cities

November 2014—In just six years, home-rental company Airbnb has grown exponentially—and attracted increasing regulatory scrutiny. Cofounder and CEO Brian Chesky explains why the company and cities must work together.more

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Developing a global digital strategy

October 2014—How does a global company take advantage of digital technology? Johnson & Johnson’s vice president of digital strategy, Gail Horwood, explains.more

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Growing fast: An interview with Box CEO Aaron Levie

October 2014—How do you manage a rapidly growing company while maintaining a focus on operations? The head of the cloud-based file-storage group Box discusses the challenge.more

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