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Conversations on health care reform: Rick Anderson of PTV Sciences

The managing director of a venture capital firm explores the ecosystem of innovation for medical devices, the ways they will support health care reform, and the new business models they will encourage.

May 2010

As the US health care system stands on the precipice of change, hospitals, innovators, and private investors alike are wondering how they will navigate the new landscape. Funding the tens of millions of new patients who will be entering the system will no doubt be a challenge. But as Rick Anderson, managing director of health care venture capital firm PTV Sciences, sees it, this influx of new patients will also create a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to develop breakthroughs in medical technologies and health care management. In this video interview, Anderson discusses the impact the new health system will have on medical innovation, the fate of the US health care market, and the new partnerships that will emerge between technology companies and entrepreneurs. McKinsey Publishing’s Bill Javetski conducted the interview in Florham Park, New Jersey.


Conversations on health care reform—Rick Anderson of PTV Sciences

The managing director of a venture capital firm discusses the changing landscape for health care innovation.

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