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Conversations on health care reform: John Hammergren of McKesson

McKesson’s chief executive discusses the business problem of delivering high-quality care to a growing population of patients.

May 2010

More and more, the issue of health care reform is becoming a business one. With potentially 30 million more Americans entering the health system, hospitals and health care providers will soon be struggling to meet the growing demand. As a result, health institutions will need to reinvent themselves and be open to policy changes, says John Hammergren, CEO of McKesson, a pharmaceutical wholesaler and provider of services to payers and providers. In this video interview, Hammergren explains how applying business tools to health care reform can help foster a less fragmented and more systemic health care system. He also discusses the importance of providing a better patient experience and the need to encourage innovation in health care. Gary Pinkus, a director in McKinsey’s San Francisco office, conducted the interview in San Francisco.


Conversations on health care reform—John Hammergren of McKesson

McKesson’s chief executive discusses the need for bringing a business perspective into health care.