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European online consumer growth

The rise of the digital bank

July 2014—As European consumers move online, retail banks will have to follow. The problem is that most banks aren’t ready.more

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More bank for your IT buck

June 2014—Asia-Pacific’s mature- and emerging-market banks differ in many ways, but most have one thing in common: they urgently need to improve their IT operating models.more


Private equity: Changing perceptions and new realities

April 2014—Industry performance is better than previously thought, but success is getting harder to repeat. Investors and firms will need to adapt to changing conditions.more


Life journey: Winning in the life-insurance market

March 2014—The US life-insurance industry, in aggregate, has lost ground for 25 years. Yet a market worth tens of billions of dollars awaits companies able to seize the opportunity.more

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Uncovering hidden investment opportunities in Africa

February 2014—Recent research on the African private-equity market reveals a mismatch between supply and demand for financing that could point to investment opportunities.more


Driving lean management: An interview with the COO of TD Ameritrade

February 2014—The financial-services group’s Marv Adams explains how ridding organizations of valueless complexity can spur growth.more


Sub-Saharan Africa: A major potential revenue opportunity for digital payments

February 2014—Sub-Saharan Africa offers tantalizing potential for mobile financial services, but as yet there have been few success stories. One hurdle has been the lack of clear numbers on the size of the opportunity.more


Profit with purpose: Alternative investing for emerging markets

February 2014—Many global insurance and financial-services companies have traditionally avoided emerging markets such as Africa and Asia. In this interview, LeapFrog Investments president Andrew Kuper argues that the regions offer unprecedented opportunity.more

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