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Hyundai Card on the power of brand translation and the beauty of crisis

July 2015—Long after CEO Ted Chung brought the credit-card company back from a crisis, he continues to embrace the idea that constant change is the best way to keep a company ready for anything.more

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Global Insurance Insights: A detailed analysis of trends that shape the industry

July 2015—The following article is an extract from the annual white paper of the McKinsey Global Insurance Pools team. The report describes global trends in the insurance industry, leveraging the McKinsey Global Insurance Pools database.more


What drives insurance operating costs?

July 2015—Many insurers believe certain costs are integral to their business model and can’t be changed. Yet the biggest driver of cost differences among companies is often management.more


Citigroup on engaging the digital customer

June 2015—For Citigroup CEO Michael L. Corbat, growth will come from within: focusing on customers’ financial needs to help inform the bank’s digital offerings, as well as understanding when to invest and when to stay the course.more

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Decoding financial-technology innovation

June 2015—Start-ups are eyeing a wider revenue pool across a growing and broader range of products and services.more


Pushing to build Asia’s biggest bank

June 2015—CEO Budi Gunadi Sadikin wants Indonesia’s Bank Mandiri to be the region’s largest. In this interview, he discusses the consumer-banking explosion, the impact of digitization, and the grooming of future leaders.more

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Unearthing performance gains to boost bank value

May 2015—Many performance improvements can raise bank valuations. The most powerful may not be the ones you’d expect.more


The impact of regulation

April 2015—The chief financial and risk officer of APG, Angelien Kemna, believes pension funds and regulators must work together to foster opportunities for long-term investment while ensuring stable, sound, and safe financial markets.more


Capitalizing on Asia’s digital-banking boom

March 2015—Our new survey shows Asia’s finance consumers are rapidly switching to online banking, presenting risks and opportunities for companies.more

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Claims management: Taking a determined stand against insurance fraud

April 2015—Fraud is a growing problem, particularly in the fields of motor and P&C, and fighting fraud has considerable cost and profit potential for insurers. Insurers should act now to capture this potential.more


Setting capital free: An interview with Tom McCabe of DBS Bank

March 2015—Corporate clients’ rising expectations are transforming the role of the relationship manager. One bank is responding by transforming its relationship managers’ capabilities.more


The $64 trillion question: Convergence in asset management

February 2015—Traditional asset managers and alternatives specialists are eagerly contending for an outsize share of a rapidly growing industry.more


Adapting to digital consumer decision journeys in banking

February 2015—A host of emerging technologies are poised to personalize consumer experiences radically. Here’s how banks can prepare.more


Strategic choices for banks in the digital age

January 2015—Consumers around the world are quickly adopting digital banking. Incumbents only have a short period to adjust to this new reality or risk becoming obsolete.more

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