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A new dawn: Reigniting growth in Central and Eastern Europe

December 2013—The nations of Central and Eastern Europe were among the fastest growing in the world before the global financial crisis. Restoring that kind of growth will require a strategy that raises investment, expands high-value exports, unleashes productivity in domestic sectors, revives foreign direct investment, and increases domestic savings.more

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Education to employment: Getting Europe’s youth into work

January 2014—Youth unemployment across the European Union remains unacceptably high, to the detriment of current and future generations. Addressing it requires understanding its causes and then relentlessly pursuing solutions.more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

QE and ultra-low interest rates: Distributional effects and risks

November 2013—Ultra-low interest rates, in part as a result of central-bank policies since 2007, have had a very different distributional impact on governments, corporations, financial institutions, and households.more


Enlisting productivity to reinforce European defense

August 2013—In an era of fiscal restraint, the defense future of Europe will depend on how well it can bring productivity into the equation.more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

French employment 2020: Five priorities for action

May 2012—Unemployment is rising. Unless it comes down, France won’t be able to sustain its beleaguered social safety net.more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

Growth and renewal in the Swedish economy

January 2013—Sweden's economy is faring better than many of its peers, but to compete in the long term, the nation must address five key issues. more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

Investing in growth: Europe's next challenge

December 2012—Private investment was the hardest-hit component of Europe’s GDP between 2007 and 2011—but it can also be a major driver of the region’s recovery. more

report | McKinsey Global Institute

Debt and deleveraging: Uneven progress on the path to growth

January 2012—Reducing debt in mature economies continues to be a long and slow process. But lessons of history show that with the right reforms during deleveraging, countries can return to robust long-term growth.more

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Europe’s struggling asset managers

October 2011—Despite some bright spots, the industry is losing market share and having trouble attracting funds.more

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