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Leading U. S. Steel in challenging times

August 2015—CEO Mario Longhi discusses leading the company through a difficult period, its search for growth, and what constitutes success.more

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Adopting a through-cycle approach to talent management

July 2015—Instead of dealing with talent shortage, many oil and gas companies are now juggling a surplus of labor. Rapid performance management systems can help address near-term workforce needs as well as build stronger organizations.more


Chemicals and capital markets: Still going strong

July 2015—The chemical industry continues to ride high in capital markets. Our latest capital-markets update suggests that a number of the key value-driving trends remain in place.more

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Peering into energy’s crystal ball

July 2015—McKinsey’s predictions were broadly on target in 2007. Here’s how things could turn out during the next eight years.more


Lower oil prices but more renewables: What’s going on?

June 2015—Why the renewables sector is more resilient than ever.more


Productivity in mining operations: Reversing the downward trend

May 2015—A new metric shows just how far mining productivity has declined. It also points to ways to improve productivity more effectively.more


How Dow reinvented itself

May 2015—CEO Andrew N. Liveris discusses his company’s evolution and how engaging the customer chain and embracing technology drives growth and innovation.more

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Oil-price shocks and the chemical industry: Preparing for a volatile environment

May 2015—The outlook for oil prices is highly unstable. To assure they have the agility to navigate this, chemical companies need to build new organizational capabilities.more


Beyond the storm—value growth in the EU power sector

April 2015—The European power sector has been hit by macroeconomic and industry-specific factors that led to overcapacity and low prices: We examine how incumbents could increase the sector value pools by 2020.more


A cheat sheet on lower oil prices

February 2015—Oil prices have plunged, helping consumers but worrying energy-reliant countries and companies. Here’s a cheat sheet on what’s happening and its implications.more


Powering Africa

February 2015—There is a direct correlation between economic growth and electricity supply. If sub-Saharan Africa is to fulfill its promise, it needs power—and lots of it.more

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Navigating in deepwater: Greater rewards through narrower focus

January 2015—Even before the fall in oil prices, deepwater project returns were under pressure. To stay in the game, deepwater players should focus on scale in a single basin.more


A new approach to oil-and-gas exploration

January 2015—The executives behind the Cove Energy success story discuss the strategy driving their new venture, Discover Exploration, and offer advice to other exploration-and-production companies.more

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