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Confronting big economic challenges

April 2015—Nobel Prize–winning economist Michael Spence discusses how increased structural flexibility could encourage stronger global economic growth.more

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How a private-sector transformation could revive Japan

March 2015—With its working-age population shrinking, Japan will need to focus on productivity as never before. A major private-sector initiative to accelerate productivity growth could create a “fourth arrow” of economic reform.more

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Japan: Lessons from a hyperaging society

March 2015—The country’s population, already the world’s oldest, is aging quickly. Companies in Europe, North America, and Asia can learn from its experience.more


Economic Conditions Snapshot, March 2015: McKinsey Global Survey results

March 2015—While global views hold steady, executives report continued worries over geopolitical instability and emergent issues in the eurozone. Those in China are glummer than most about conditions at home.more

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Manufacturing growth through resource productivity

March 2015—Resource productivity should be a top priority for manufacturers. This excerpt from a new book presents five core beliefs to drive growth by becoming leaner and greener.more

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How Asia can boost productivity and economic growth

March 2015—Growth in China and other parts of Asia will depend on skills training, more process mechanization, and better resource use, says McKinsey director Jonathan Woetzel.more

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The outlook for global growth in 2015

March 2015—Despite tempered expectations, most forecasters see strong growth ahead, accelerating in 2016. As our Global Economics Intelligence team reports, executives are focusing on divergent opportunities.more


How Poland can become a European growth engine

February 2015—After 25 years of strong growth, the country stands at a crossroads. Our new report details how Poland can become an advanced European economy competing on a global stage.more


A recipe for economic growth

February 2015—Former US treasury secretary Lawrence H. Summers believes institutional reforms and significant investment are required to push the world economy forward.more

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Debt and (not much) deleveraging

February 2015—Global debt has grown by $57 trillion and no major economy has decreased its debt-to-GDP ratio since 2007. High government debt in advanced economies, mounting household debt, and the rapid rise of China’s debt are areas of potential concern.more

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How business and government can bring young people into work

February 2015—Youth unemployment is a global problem without an easy solution. Yet an innovative program making a difference in Berlin holds lessons for others.more

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