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Global cities of the future: An interactive map

Explore the cities and emerging urban clusters that will drive dramatic growth and demographic changes over the next generation.

June 2012

Over the next 13 years, 600 cities will account for nearly 65 percent of global GDP growth. Which of them will contribute the largest number of children or elderly to the world’s population? Which will rank among the top 25 cities by per capita GDP? How will regional patterns of growth differ?

Explore these questions by browsing through this revised and updated interactive global map below, which contains city-specific highlights from the McKinsey Global Institute’s database of more than 2,600 metropolitan areas around the world. You’ll see why growth strategies focused at the country level may fall short in the future: with new hot spots emerging and household wealth surging in little-known urban centers, companies may have to adopt a much finer-grained approach to tap into the growth that lies ahead.


Global cities of the future

Explore the globe and view data on the dramatic urban growth expected by 2025.

McKinsey Global Institute’s Urban World app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices uses a database of more than 2,600 cities around the world to illustrate how global economic power is shifting. For more information, visit our Urban World site.

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Special package

The globe's emerging urban landscape

This presentation is part of a package of multimedia and graphics elements that complement the research in the McKinsey Global Institute report Urban world: Cities and the rise of the consuming class. A related slideshow depicts the geographic and demographic makeup of dynamic urban centers.