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A better way to understand internal rate of return

November 2015—Investments can have the same internal rate of return for different reasons. A breakdown of this metric in private equity shows why it matters.more

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Are share buybacks jeopardizing future growth?

October 2015—Fears that US companies underinvest by paying too much back to shareholders are unfounded. Rather, the rise in buybacks reflects changes in the economy.more


How M&A practitioners enable their success

October 2015—Companies that are best at transactions approach M&A differently—but there’s room for improvement across the board.more

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Grow fast or die slow: The double-edged sword of M&A

October 2015—Our latest research on growth in software and online-services companies has some surprising findings about the benefits and risks of buying growth.more


Building a better partnership between finance and strategy

October 2015—The growing strategic role of CFOs may create tension with top strategists. That’s a missed opportunity for teaming up to improve company performance.more


Profiling the modern CFO: A panel discussion

October 2015—Seasoned finance chiefs explore revamping business models and coping with new competitors, currency risks, and changing capital structures.more

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Mapping the value of diversification

August 2015—Expanding your focus tends to add more value in emerging economies than in developed ones.more


The return of zero-base budgeting

August 2015—The venerable technique has vaulted back into the consciousness of corporate leaders—for good reason. But getting it right is not easy and depends on five key elements.more

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Divestitures: How to invest for success

August 2015—When it comes to creating value, divestitures are critical—but a positive outcome is not automatic. Some up-front investment can improve the odds of success.more

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Growing beyond the core business

July 2015—Most companies are seeking growth outside their core business, according to a new survey. But few have made revenue gains as a result—or have the right capabilities to support it.more

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Getting a better handle on currency risk

July 2015—When exchange rates are volatile, companies rush to stem potential losses. What risks should they hedge—and how?more

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Why emerging-market companies acquire abroad

July 2015—Long focused on deals to acquire technology, brands, or know-how, more emerging-market companies have begun using M&A to tap into new markets.more


A hidden roadblock in public-infrastructure projects

June 2015—Misplaced assumptions that governments always enjoy a cost-of-capital advantage over private players can kill projects on the drawing board. Reexamining the economics could move more deals ahead.more


Why capital expenditures need more CFO attention

May 2015—Companies in capital-intensive industries need to get more out of their capital budgets. CFOs can play a critical role.more


Unearthing performance gains to boost bank value

May 2015—Many performance improvements can raise bank valuations. The most powerful may not be the ones you’d expect.more

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