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How to capture those fleeting investment opportunities

How to catch those fleeting investment opportunities

December 2014—Companies are often too slow or too rigid to invest in new projects while they have an advantage. Here’s how they can be more agile.more

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Better forecasting for large capital projects

December 2014—Project proposals often overestimate benefits and underestimate costs. Here’s why—and what you can do about it.more


Joint ventures on the rise

November 2014—New survey results find executives are largely positive about their past experience with joint ventures and expect such partnerships to grow.more


Are you getting all you can from your board of directors?

November 2014—Veteran director David Beatty finds many boards wanting—and considers how to improve them.more


Bringing a healthy dose of pragmatism to strategy

November 2014—Two experienced senior finance executives discuss their changing roles.more


What’s behind this year’s buoyant market

October 2014—Here’s how a tepid economy and rising interest rates support a strong stock market.more

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Five myths (and realities) about zero-based budgeting

October 2014—Companies often shy away from the method because they fear it or believe it means “budgeting from zero.” In reality, it’s a structured process that can build a culture of cost management. more

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Redefining capitalism

September 2014—Despite its ability to generate prosperity, capitalism is under attack. By shaking up our long-held assumptions about how and why the system works, we can improve it.more


Making trade-offs in corporate portfolio decisions

September 2014—Managers often want to own good businesses they shouldn’t buy—or hold onto businesses they should sell. Here’s how some companies have made these tough decisions.more

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Bringing discipline to your sustainability initiatives

August 2014—Many companies have more sustainability initiatives than they can possibly manage. Here’s how to get them under control.more

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