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China’s next chapter

The next China will look decidedly different from the one the world has grown accustomed to. In the first installment in a series on China’s future, we explore the trends remaking China’s economy, cities, and society.


article | McKinsey Quarterly

Three snapshots from China’s next chapter

June 2013—A new middle class. An urban transformation. An e-tailing revolution. This slideshow details the key trends that will define a new China.more

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Winners and losers in China’s next decade

June 2013—The move from investment to consumption will drive some industries forward, while hampering others.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

China’s great rebalancing: Promise and peril

June 2013—Some encouraging signs indicate that China’s new leadership is serious about moving from an investment to a consumption model.more


The $250 billion question: Can China close the skills gap?

June 2013–China’s companies are failing to find the high-skilled workers they need, while individuals find themselves ill-prepared for the jobs that are available.