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A new world under construction: China and semiconductors

November 2015—The ongoing transformation of the Chinese semiconductor sector requires all parties to raise their game.more


Internet of Things: Opportunities and challenges for semiconductor companies

October 2015—The nascent Internet of Things could open vast opportunities to semiconductor companies—provided that they prepare now. more

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How carmakers can compete for the connected consumer

September 2015—Connectivity and automation are transforming the car industry. Our new report, based on an extensive consumer survey, provides a road map for success.more


Defense outlook 2017: A global survey of defense-industry executives

April 2015—Business leaders are growing more optimistic and think they can head off challenges from commercial firms.more

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International defense sales: Opportunities, but not for all

March 2015—Most defense contractors expect to find growth in international sales and noncore businesses. Only a few are likely to succeed. Five actions can improve their chances.more

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Are you ready for 3-D printing?

February 2015—There have been false dawns before, but this technology is poised to deliver cost benefits and to advance innovation in manufacturing.more

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Marketing the Mercedes way

February 2015—Ola Källenius of Daimler discusses the high-tech and high-touch marketing of an iconic brand.more


The Internet of Things: Sizing up the opportunity

December 2014—This connectivity trend is now recognized as a source of growth for semiconductor players and their customers. Here we consider the opportunities and constraints for components manufacturers.more


How the Internet of Things could transform the value chain

December 2014—In this interview, the CEO of software company PTC, James Heppelmann, explains how connected products may help companies become more proactive and efficient.more

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Making connections: An industry perspective on the Internet of Things

December 2014—The CEO of semiconductor company CSR, Joep van Beurden, discusses the progress—and growing pains—of the Internet of Things market.more

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A road map to the future for the auto industry

October 2014—As the sector transforms itself, will the automobile keep its soul?more

interview | McKinsey Quarterly

Bill Ford charts a course for the future

October 2014—The carmaker’s executive chairman offers his thoughts on the discontinuities facing automakers, management, and the city of Detroit.more

article | McKinsey Quarterly

Building cars with less capital

September 2014—New research suggests that Western players, especially those in Europe, have something to learn from their counterparts in Asia.more

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The Great Decoupling

September 2014—The rapid advance of machine learning presents an economic paradox: productivity is rising, but employment may not.more

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