Our People

Practice leaders

Alex Dichter

Senior Partner, London
Helps airlines, airline-services companies, and aerospace firms develop profitable strategies and improve global operations

Martin Joerss

Senior Partner, Beijing
A leading expert in the transportation and logistics industry, including shipping and ports. Brings insight to logistics service providers seeking...

Thomas Netzer

Senior Partner, Cologne
Builds close, trusting relationships with clients in infrastructure, rail, urban transit and postal organizations by managing complex projects...

Stuart Shilson

Senior Partner, London
Combines strategy expertise with government experience to support the senior leaders of a wide range of infrastructure-related organisations

Evan Van Metre

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Trusted advisor to logistics, transport and consumer companies, bringing deep expertise in commercial transformation, sales force effectiveness,...

Our people

Sal Arora

Partner, Atlanta
Brings deep expertise in service operations and supply chain for logistics clients, as well as broad client-service experience across the transportation...

Dilip Bhattacharjee

Partner, Chicago
Brings the power of advanced analytics to improve the operational performance of companies in highly networked industries, resulting in greater...

Darya Borisova

Senior Partner, Moscow
Focuses on serving clients in the oil-and-gas and chemicals industries, as well as the transport, infrastructure, and logistics sectors

Robert Carey

Partner, Atlanta
Provides strategic, commercial, and operations expertise for airlines, travel, transport, and logistics companies. Deeply experienced in designing...

Mike Doheny

Senior Partner, Atlanta
Transforms performance for consumer and logistics companies, driving growth and productivity to improve financial performance

Travis Fagan

Senior Partner, Dallas
Global leader of McKinsey Design. Helps clients drive growth by delivering breakthrough innovations and the change needed for impact at scale

David Frank

Partner, Atlanta
Serves B2C and B2B companies on strategic, operational, and commercial issues; focuses on optimizing the customer experience by improving service...

Sebastián Giménez

Partner, Madrid
Advises commercial airlines and airports on topics including strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring

Christina Greenidge

Partner, Düsseldorf
Specializes in developing end-to-end growth strategies for travel, transport, and logistics companies, covering all elements of the value chain

Dirk John

Partner, Munich
Applies a deep knowledge of business technology and digitization to advise a variety of clients globally on their transportation strategies

John Murnane

Partner, Atlanta
Applies extensive knowledge across all functions and modes of the global transportation sector to improve the performance of leading companies...

Stefano Napoletano

Senior Partner, Milan
Advises clients on capital projects & infrastructure investments and assets and supports companies on transformational change.

Robert Palter

Senior Partner, Toronto
Specializes in helping clients identify infrastructure investment opportunities and strategically manage infrastructure assets.

Maximilian Rothkopf

Partner, Munich
Advises aviation, logistics, and shipping companies on a broad range of issues, including strategy, commercial transformation, and network optimization

Frank Sänger

Senior Partner, Cologne
Leads our Cologne office and helps consumer-goods companies and logistics-service providers achieve excellence in operational effectiveness—including...

Steve Saxon

Expert Partner, Shanghai
Deep expertise in assisting airline and shipping companies with developing distinctive strategies and improving commercial performance

Jürgen Schröder

Senior Partner, Düsseldorf
Helps clients improve performance by building capabilities in Customer Lifecycle Management