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How customer demands are reshaping last-mile delivery

– The last mile is seeing disruption from new business models that address customer demand for ever-faster delivery, as well as new technologies such as drones and autonomous ground vehicles.

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An integrated perspective on the future of mobility

– A number of social, economic, and technological trends will work together to disrupt mobility, potentially creating three new... urban models by 2030.

How rolling-stock manufacturers can lay track for profitable growth

– The character of the global rolling-stock industry is shifting from a product to a lifecycle business. Our new report sketches... a strategic road map for rolling-stock manufacturers to master these changes.

How to keep cities moving: Ideas for America’s urban leaders

– There are signs that America’s city dwellers are beginning to change the way they get around. Here is how city leaders can plan... ahead.

Breaking the mold: How Crossrail’s Innovate 18 program works

– A major project in London figures out how to get new ideas flowing.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

China’s e-commerce soft spot: Logistics

– Consumers are buying massive amounts online, but subpar operating discipline in distribution is keeping costs high.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Where accountability really matters

– Travel, transportation, and logistics companies are particularly vulnerable if they get it wrong.

Container shipping: The untapped value of customer engagement

– Despite challenging market dynamics and rising operational complexity, container lines can both increase profitability and improve... their customers’ experience.

Facebook and the future of travel

– The company’s Lee McCabe explains how the travel-industry landscape is shifting—and why mobile apps are the way forward.

How to rethink pricing at container terminals

– An innovative approach that creates incentives for efficiency could generate up to $3 billion in value for operators and their... customers.

Creating value in transportation and logistics

– The “new normal” for the sector is tougher than for many other industries. Here's how transportation and logistics... businesses can increase their economic profit.

Gridlock on the ground: How airlines can respond to airport congestion

– As airports become congested, five trends emerge. When airlines understand those trends, they’re better prepared to respond.

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