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Winter is coming: The future of European aviation and how to survive it

– There are four main uncertainties, and the industry’s structural weaknesses will continue. Airlines can prepare now to survive and thrive in the world to come.

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How to keep cities moving: Ideas for America’s urban leaders

– There are signs that America’s city dwellers are beginning to change the way they get around. Here is how city leaders can plan... ahead.

Breaking the mold: How Crossrail’s Innovate 18 program works

– A major project in London figures out how to get new ideas flowing.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

China’s e-commerce soft spot: Logistics

– Consumers are buying massive amounts online, but subpar operating discipline in distribution is keeping costs high.

Facebook and the future of travel

– The company’s Lee McCabe explains how the travel-industry landscape is shifting—and why mobile apps are the way forward.

How to rethink pricing at container terminals

– An innovative approach that creates incentives for efficiency could generate up to $3 billion in value for operators and their... customers.

Gridlock on the ground: How airlines can respond to airport congestion

– As airports become congested, five trends emerge. When airlines understand those trends, they’re better prepared to respond.

E before I: Why engagement needs to come first in planning infrastructure

– Consulting stakeholders before digging makes for better, cheaper projects.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Economists: Don’t leave home without one

– Forget about equations and forecasts. Powerful economic concepts have given rise to companies and transformed industries. Ignore... economists at your peril.

Landside operations: The next frontier for container-shipping alliances

– Container lines have used alliances to increase scope and reduce cost on the ocean. Industry pressures are now making landside... cooperation the next step for capturing economies of scale.

Managing supplier risk in the transportation and infrastructure industry

– Introducing systematic risk-management tools, particularly in the supplier-selection process, could help mitigate problems associated... with the industry.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Redefining service innovation at Starwood

– The head of the hotel company’s loyalty program, Mark Vondrasek, describes its approach to technology, guest loyalty, and... disruptive new competitors.

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