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How the public sector can remain agile beyond times of crisis

– Public-sector organizations have shown they can be nimble in a crisis. Focusing on agility could help them keep pace with changing needs during challenges—and beyond.

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Article - Financial Times

Paying young Americans to learn

– Nearly one in six American workers is unemployed or underemployed, yet more than 6m jobs remain unfilled. Business has become... the driving force behind a rethink of how training is organised.

Closing the skills gap: Creating workforce-development programs that work for everyone

– The ‘‘skills gap’’ in the United States is serious. Here is how to do better.

How to tame rising US healthcare costs

– Improving the sector’s productivity and market functioning could potentially lower healthcare-cost inflation to the rate of GDP... growth.

Policing–a vision for 2025

– This paper describes the current challenges facing police forces and proposes ways in which Chief Officers should address them.
Article - Project Syndicate

The promise of digital finance

– Digital technologies, starting with mobile phones, can rapidly fix problems encountered when savings are stored outside the financial... system and foster faster, more inclusive growth, write Laura Tyson and Susan Lund in Project Syndicate.

Three more reasons why US education is ready for investment

– Shifts in the education landscape are opening doors for investment.

The Ebola crisis then and now: An interview with the UN’s David Nabarro

– The UN doctor leading the global response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa explains how early action helped contain the crisis—and... why there’s still more work to be done.

How to scale personalized learning

– A systemwide approach offers the best chance of reaching the most students.

How social entrepreneurs can solve the talent problem

– Three steps can help.
Article - Project Syndicate

The working women windfall

– Rakesh Mohan and Anu Madgavkar map out a path for boosting global GDP by promoting gender equality.

Solving public problems through behavioral science

– Governments in the Gulf Cooperation Council can influence individuals and groups to address persistent issues including youth... unemployment, chronic health problems, and unsustainable water use.


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