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From big to great: The world’s leading institutional investors forge ahead

– Leading institutional investors have grown rapidly into significant global organizations. But what’s next? Our survey of senior executives reveals how the world’s largest investors plan to expand their capabilities and enhance their performance.

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Private equity at an inflection point

Private equity at an inflection point

In this interview with Privcap, McKinsey's Aly Jeddy, a Senior Partner in the New York office and a leader of our Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice, describes how the next few years in the industry might unfold.



McKinsey on Investing

– A new publication that brings together the best thinking from McKinsey's investor-focused practices.

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Why investors may need to lower their sights

– The forces that have driven exceptional investment returns over the past 30 years are weakening, and even reversing. It may be... time for investors to lower their expectations.

A better way to understand internal rate of return

– Investments can have the same internal rate of return for different reasons. A breakdown of this metric in private equity shows... why it matters.

Back to basics: Creating value through superior products

– Revitalizing product development is an unexplored lever for most private-equity firms.

New horizons for infrastructure investing

– Investors are having trouble finding attractive deals. They might be looking in the wrong places.

Private equity and India’s economic development

– Our new survey determines if India’s emerging private-equity sector has helped or hurt the country and its companies.

The return of zero-base budgeting

– The venerable technique has vaulted back into the consciousness of corporate leaders—for good reason. But getting it right... is not easy and depends on five key elements.

A conversation with CDPQ’s Michael Sabia

– A leading institutional investor reflects on the industry.

A conversation with Jim Coulter, Part II

– In the second part of our 2014 interview, the veteran investor talks about emerging markets, industry consolidation, and why private... equity is as bold as it ever was.

Bending the third rail: Better investment performance for US pensions

– Improving the investment organization is a good first step on the way out of the funding crisis.

Capturing returns in healthcare

– New research finds that the healthcare sector has been very good to private equity, especially payor and pharmaceutical services.... And specialist firms seem to have an edge over generalists.

Why US education is ready for investment

– As education transforms, the traditional and highly limited openings for private companies are growing wider. Investors should... take note.

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