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Capturing the value of good quality in medical devices

– Improving quality can bring costs down significantly. New analysis and industry examples suggest a way forward for device makers.

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Biopharma Frontiers:
What the future holds for the industry

Industry leaders and key stakeholders offer perspectives to inspire discussion and constructive debate.

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Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

Being patient-centric in a digitizing world

– A Danish pharma company’s strong customer focus and determined digital drive have important lessons for other businesses.

Unleashing the power of entrepreneurship in science

– A partner of venture-capital firm Atlas Venture, Bruce Booth, explains how investment assists pharmaceutical innovation.

Closing the digital gap in pharma

– New research on the digital maturity of pharma, relative to other industries, reveals clear opportunities to improve performance... by better connecting digitally with patients and physicians.

Transforming pharma commercial models in the age of the digital citizen

– Digital citizens—astute consumers of information and social media—require pharma to meet their expectations at each... point on the decision journey. Leading companies are updating their commercial models in five ways.

The new world of patient engagement

– The CEO of Acorda Therapeutics, Ron Cohen, explains how the biotechnology company’s relationship with patients is changing and... what that means.

Exploring the disruptive potential of synthetic biology

– Three experts explain synthetic biology and discuss its potential to affect fields as varied as medicine, oil, agriculture, and... even fragrances.

How pharma companies can better understand patients

– Consumers have access to more healthcare information than ever. Here’s how pharmaceutical companies can better understand... the way people make decisions about their care.

Voices on transformation: How to sustain healthcare transformations

– Industry leaders explore the challenges of transforming pharmaceutical and medical-products organizations.

Reshaping an emerging-market giant

– The CEO of one of India’s largest makers of generic pharmaceuticals, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, explains how the company... is organizing for the future.

Meeting growing Asia–Pacific demand for medical technology

– There’s a need for better access to medical technology in the region—a forward-looking approach will help companies... reach more patients.

Pharma M&A: Agile shouldn’t mean ad hoc

– Under pressure to be active acquirers, some pharmaceutical and medical-products companies may be neglecting best practices. Here’s... where they can most improve.

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