Our People

Practice leaders

Occo Roelofsen

Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Brings clients deep specialist expertise in oil and gas and leads our work on strategy and capital projects in the sector

Matt Rogers

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Applies over two decades of experience in the energy sector to help companies deliver performance, grow, and innovate

Paul Sheng

Senior Partner, Hong Kong
Advises senior executives of leading national and international oil companies, exploration and production companies, private-equity firms, and...

Our people

Marcel Brinkman

Partner, London
Brings deep expertise in energy, private equity and sustainability and resource productivity to his work with energy companies, oilfield services...

Arnout de Pee

Partner, Amsterdam
Brings in-depth expertise in the energy sector, serving global leaders and running projects across every facet of the industry; leads a diverse...

Amadeo Di Lodovico

Senior Partner, Dubai
Serves leading companies in the energy, metals, and mining sectors on strategic topics, operational challenges, and government policy matters

Michael Ellis

Senior Partner, Sydney
Brings 20 years' resources experience to his work with leading energy and mining clients in Australia, Asia, and the United States

Tim Fitzgibbon

Senior Expert, Houston
Serves petroleum clients around the world, drawing on deep specialist expertise on topics related to refining strategy and petroleum market economics;...

Bob Frei

Senior Partner, Chicago
Brings more than 25 years of experience to his work supporting energy and industrial clients with strategy, organization, and performance improvement

Pat Graham

Partner, London
Advises international and national oil companies, oilfield services and equipment providers, and private-equity firms, with a focus on strategy...

Christopher Handscomb

Partner, London
Leads our work on organisation in oil, and globally supporting clients with organisation design, large-scale transformations, human capital challenges...

Sanjay Kalavar

Senior Partner, Houston
Helps energy investors and operators evaluate assets, then improve operations, manage risks, and exit

George Kobulia

Senior Partner, Moscow
Leads projects on strategy development, organization modeling, operations improvement, and procurement for companies in the oil and gas, mining,...

Graham MacGregor

Senior Vice President, PAX, Melbourne
Serves oil and gas clients from the perspective of a former industry executive, helping boost business performance through production growth...

Alan Martin

Senior Expert, London
Serves clients seeking to improve their refining operations and advises on downstream strategy topics—helping companies boost performance...

Chris McNally

Expert Partner, Singapore
Helps chemicals and oil and gas clients on a broad range of issues related to business and operating model transformation, strategy, and mergers...

Parker Meeks

Partner, Houston
Helps clients maximize their cost, schedule, and quality performance in oil & gas capital projects and other capital-intensive industries

Khush Nariman

Expert Partner, Houston
Helps clients in the energy, chemicals, and manufacturing industries as they address operational and organizational challenges, optimize their...

Scott Nyquist

Senior Partner, Houston
Advises MGI on research related to natural resources, clean technologies, and U.S. economic growth

Joe Quoyeser

Senior Expert, Houston
Advises clients on upstream oil and gas strategy and operations; a petroleum industry consulting veteran, bringing deep experience in unconventionals,...

Namit Sharma

Partner, Amsterdam
Brings extensive experience in serving oil and gas companies around the world, with particular focus on strategy and capital project delivery;...

Khalil Tayara

Expert Associate Partner, PAX, Dubai
Specializes in helping oil and gas executives sustainably optimize their businesses by reducing costs, improving operations, and capturing the...

Koen Vermeltfoort

Partner, Amsterdam
Advises oil and gas companies on capital projects, procurement, and strategy

Francesco Verre

Expert Associate Partner, PAX, London
Works with oil and gas company executives to turn around the performance of their assets through operational excellence, production optimization,...

Otto van der Molen

Partner, Amsterdam
Helps oil and gas clients achieve high-impact performance transformations in operations excellence, lean, capability building, facility reliability,...

Otto Waterlander

Partner, Amsterdam
Serves clients in the oil and gas, utilities, and chemicals sectors on issues relating to strategy development, business transformation, mergers...